Hi Wiltz, I like you very much. You are my friend now. My Dad tells people at our wrestling clubs not to yell at the referees or the children. He says that a lot. Sometimes we see parents do that. I don't like it when that happens. Most of the time the parents are very nice. The last tournament I went to I pinned a kid that beat me before and his Dad was very nice even though his son lost. I like him them both. The boys name is Brandt and his Dad's name is Corey. One of my friend's Dad yells at him a lot. Even when he wins his Dad still yells at him and makes him and his brother cry because they still didn't do good enough. My friend's Dad tells him to hurt the other wrestlers and make them cry. If my friend makes them cry his Dad gives him money. My Dad has talked to him a lot but he never listens. We stopped going to that wrestling club because of that. Now he goes to a different wrestling club. My friend and his brother are both National champions so some kids think they need to be like them to win. I want to win too but I don't like to hurt people and make them cry. Sometimes I cry when I lose or get hurt and I don't want people to laugh at me when I cry. My Dad tells me it's okay and I shouldn't cry but if I have to it's okay to cry. Once I cried when I lost and the boy who beat me patted me on the back and said I was good. Then his mom talked to my Dad and said good things to him. Now we are all good friends and when we see each other at the tournaments we are happy because we like each other. We cheer for each other at the tournaments and hope we win. I only wrestled him once and lost but my sister wrestled him twice and lost. The first time she got pinned but she almost pinned him first with a cradle. She thought she pinned him and let him up but she didn't so he kept wrestling and pinned her. The second time she was ahead but he turned her and got 3 back points on won by 1 point in the last period. He is flexible so it's hard to put legal pain on him. I use arm bars and half nelson so it doesn't work as well on him but my sister does leg rides and cradle so it doesn't matter as much that he is flexible. I like wrestling a lot. I think parents and kids should be nice to each other when they wrestle. My club can't wrestle next Friday because there is a Muslim group renting the pool at our school so no boys can be in the entire building that day. My Dad says that is illegal but people don't care. I think it's not fair. I wish we could wrestle that day.