Mavrick - somehow you got several posts in without me noticing! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your wrestling, and being quite successful, too. Good for you! I like the fact that you are really working at perfecting a few moves (the cradle and the double-leg) while you are busy learning new stuff. I think it is really important to have certain moves that you get so good at that you just know you can hit them. I call them "watch for" moves, because the other coaches are going to tell their wrestlers "watch for his double leg" or "watch for his cradle".
I'm glad your sister is enjoying her wrestling, too. I got back into wrestling because my daughters took up the sport. So women's wrestling is important to me. The guys my daughter wrestled got teased a lot too. Eventually people began to realize that she was a pretty good wrestler and that it was going to be an all-out battle for the guy to beat her. Most of the teasing stopped then. Its hard for the guys - if you lose, then "Oh, you got beat by a girl". If you win, its "So what, you beat a girl". But it is hard for the girl, too. The women who wrestle need to be treated with the same respect you would give any opponent - they work hard to get into the circle, just like the guys do!
I really like what your dad said about the crying and the getting angry. I am going to pass that on to my wrestlers. I'll take care of the anger and excess emotion - they can work on the getting better.
If your dad gets a chance I would love to see some more videos of you wrestling - it sounds like you are just getting better and better.