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Thread: Week 5 Line Ups DUE ON SUNDAY

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    Default Re: Week 5 Line Ups DUE ON SUNDAY

    125: Nikko Triggas
    133: Reece Humphrey
    141: J Jaggers
    149: Brent Metcalf
    157: Jason Johnstone
    165: Colt Sponseller
    174: Mike Miller
    184: Chris Honeycutt
    197: Cayle Byers
    285: Jermail Porter
    Flex: Kyle Ruschell

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    Default Re: Week 5 Line Ups DUE ON SUNDAY

    125 Obe Blanc, Oklahoma State
    133 Jayson Ness, Minnesota
    141 Eli Hutchison, Boise State
    149 Lance Palmer, Ohio State
    157 Jason Welch, Northwestern
    165 Jon Reader, Iowa State
    174 Jay Borschel, Iowa
    184 David Craig, Lehigh
    197 Eric Lapotsky, Oklahoma
    HWT Scott Steele, Navy
    FLEX Scott Glasser, Minnesota
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    Default Re: Week 5 Line Ups DUE ON SUNDAY

    125 Charlie Falck Iowa
    133 Nick Fanthorpe ISU
    141 Cody Cleveland UTC
    149 Jamal Parks OSU
    157 Jordan Leen Cornell
    165 Moza Fay UNI
    174 Steve Luke UM
    184 Phil Keddy Iowa
    197 Andrew Anderson UNI
    HWT Dan Erekson Iowa
    Flex Tyler Clark 125 ISU

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    Default Re: Week 5 Line Ups DUE ON SUNDAY

    125 Angel Escobedo Indiana
    133 Joey Slaton Iowa
    141 Mike Grey Cornell
    149 Jake Patacsil Purdue
    157 Shane Vernon Oklahoma
    165 Mack Lewnes Cornell
    174 Steve Anceravage Cornell
    184 Phil Bomberger Penn State
    197 Cody Gardner Ohio State
    285 Dave Zabriskie Iowa State
    FLEX Tyler Sherfey Boise State
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