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    R.Payton sends Justin Accordino(149) to TLV for Jerome Ward-(197)


    R.Payton sends Luke Rebertus -184 to MOJO for Kurt Kinser 149

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    Rebertus is such a fantasy whore. I'm sure I will have him back before its all over. How are you getting Mojo to respond to any of your trade offers. He is shutting me down over here!
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    Im sorry Brother Gopher. Certainly don't mean to shut you out. Russ and I agreed to this trade several weeks ago, but I wanted to wait until after CK as none of my stable of 149lbers was going to Vegas except for Kinser. I sure we can work out a decent deal Brother.

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    Sorry I didn't get around to these last night...

    Trades are fine with me.

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    Hey boss, Are there any placing points in the CK?
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