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    First of the season, LoSt sends Jerome Ward to TLV for AJ Kissell

    Clymer is just doing abysmal this season and he wont be able to carry me til the supplemental
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    When Clymer isn't wrestling they ffted his weight yesterday . Good trade for LoSt . TLV will eventually need to back up Powless but Ward has 2-3 197's better than him in conferences.

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    Confirmed. I think Ward will do fine by me and I like the upside of Rutt. I saw him several time last year, and even when he lost, I was very impressed. He and Jorden are under the radar and I think will do very well....
    But then.............what do I know???
    Hey, I did get 133 points this week!!! Watch out, Russ, the MInnysconny Bophers have started their comeback already!
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    I am going to go with "you maxed out this week". But then for this week your strategy certainly paid off.
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    Fine with me.

    I had a trade offer I was going to send you tonight but you've done a nice job solving your 184 problem here.

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