View Poll Results: What's your favorite pinning move?

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  • Nelsons (e.g. half nelsons, quarter nelsons)

    21 31.34%
  • Cradles

    13 19.40%
  • Headlocks (head and arm)

    6 8.96%
  • Arm bars

    14 20.90%
  • Guillotines

    7 10.45%
  • Scissors (e.g. figure-4 head scissors, straight body scissors)

    1 1.49%
  • Moves that stack opponent on his pinning area

    3 4.48%
  • Moves that split opponent's legs (e.g. banana splits, spladles)

    6 8.96%
  • Moves involving leg rides (e.g. Jacob's rides, turks, grapevines)

    10 14.93%
  • Other (please describe)

    6 8.96%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Favorite pin?

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    Cement Mixer by a landslide

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    haha defff banana split or spladle

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    guillotines are were its at

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    Default Re: Favorite pin?

    Anything that I can get right away LoL... mostly armbars, cradles, and halves. But I like going for a figure four headscissor or a nearside cradle(scooping the leg)

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    Default Re: Favorite pin?

    Cradles. Fast, strong, easy.

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    I checked three because my favorite was a bar half combo. However I also LOVE throws. Especially the Arm spin, a good drum song head and arm or pancake.

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    Default Re: Favorite pin?

    Wow. I'm surprised this thread has survived for so long.

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    Guillotine. When applied correctly, virtually impossible to get out of!

    But really, my favorite is the one that works!!

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