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    I just finished mark rippetoes starting strength for my maximum strength. now i want to use that strength for a longer period of time. people say i should train for power endurance. but im confused. i found two sites and 1 says to rest 5-7 minutes between sets for less lactic acid build up and another says to rest 30- to 60 seconds. which one is right? please answer if you have experience with this. thanks

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    if you are training for endurance you should rest for shorter periods of time. resting 5-7 minutes is just an unrealistic time. figure your work out is 5 exercises and 3 sets each, you'd have a minimum rest time of an hour and 15 minutes. that would mean you're spending about 2 hours in the gym to do 5 exercises. you should be able to get in a really good workout in 45 minutes including rest times. 45 seconds is plenty of rest time depending on what you want your results to be.

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