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    I was not a cavs or lebron fan in particular...but i really respected him and thought he was phenomenal, and a solid person. I will make a point to root against him now definitely.
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    N-n-n-n-New World Order...
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Way to rip our hearts out on a global stage. Keep it classy quitness.

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    And Steve I understand that Gilbert's response was obnoxious and he went off half-cocked, but as a Clevelander how are you not outraged? If LeBron leaves he leaves. But the way he went about it was unaccaptable. I applaud Gilbert's letter as crazy at it was, this city has dealt with too much shit already. These LeBron apologists make me sick. I can deal with him leaving, just not the way he chose to go about his business. Screw him.

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    "But the way he went about it was unaccaptable."

    Of course. Read the early part of this thread. All, including me, condemned the TV spot. I think it was ridiculous (whatever team was eventually picked).

    "but as a Clevelander how are you not outraged? "

    What can I say? I guess I don't outrage that easily. If anything came close to outraging me it would be Chris Bosh's comments about Cleveland (attributed to him on Wednesday). Remember the timeline. Tuesday there was speculation that Bosh might come to Cleveland.That was obviously way off base as Wednesday's events proved. On top of his signing with Miami he made the disparaging comments about Cleveland. One wanted someone to smack him upside the head. The perfect guy to do such "smacking" would have been Lebron. Instead he JOINS with Bosh. Yeah, I had to take some deep breaths.

    Who knows what kind of advise James is getting. The guy is young and human.

    What would you like to do? Remove his name from the myriad of Cleveland Cavalier records he had set in 7 short years?
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    I know everyone, from NE Ohio native and former Brown's QB Bernie Kosar, to looooong time Cavaliers radio announcer Joe Tait, to sports columnist Terry Pluto, is jumping on the "hurray for Dan Gilbert" bandwagon, thus rewarding his unprofessionalism. Still Cavs management wasn't so angry as to stop them, according to published reports, from negotiating a sign-and-trade deal with Miami Heat management. So I guess NBA basketball remains a business afterall.
    DSCH: a Soviet artist's reply to unjust criticism.

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