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Thread: Good wrestling camps?

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    Default Good wrestling camps?

    I'm planning to attend University of Iowa technique camp, ken chertow gold medal camp in California, and J robinson 14 day camp in Oregon. Are these camps recommend? My goal is to qualify for the state tournament in California. do you thing these camps will help me with that goal?

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    Yeah, you should be pretty busy this summer.

    Good Luck

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    Sounds like you have signed for a good variety of experiences. All the camps you've mentioned have excellent reputations for providing quality instruction, each in its own unique way.

    For those who are undecided about a camp, I would recommend Matt Krumrie's new book, The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps. (In the interest of full disclosure, I helped write a couple chapters, and edited the book.) It provides some solid information for parents and young wrestlers as to what to look for in a camp... and even whether going to camp is the best way to meet your goals. (Perhaps joining a local wrestling club may be a smarter solution.)


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