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KR - good for you! I am constantly amazed and supported by your strength. Your post got me thinking about my own situation.
I am so thankful for so much. I can be eternally thankful that my birth mother gave me up for adoption. Her options were limited, but life would have been very, very different for the two of us had she not had that option.
I had, relatively, a very good childhood. As a military family in the 40s, 50s, and 60s we were never very cash rich - but I never really realized that we were relatively poor. I had every thing I needed.
I survived the progressive craziness of my paranoid-schizophrenic mother, and I do mean survived. In her crazier stages she became more and more physically abusive until I put a stop to it. Even at her craziest, I never felt that she didn't love me. And while I fought and fought with my dad through middle and high school, I recognize now that he was the anchor that gave me stability in the gale-storms of her madness.
I give thanks that I came through Viet Nam with physical and mental scars - but survived both! The physical scars healed. Eventually, through the love of a wonderful (I might go so far as to say perfect!) woman, I even made it through the mental scars. And that leads me to the most important thanksgiving that I have. My wonderful wife, Judith. It has been 41 years that we have been together, but it seems like yesterday. She first domesticated me, then tamed me, then civilized me. In the process, she loved me even when I wasn't very lovable. In the process she mothered our children and taught me how to be a father.
My children are a blessing. Four girls who are, at the various stages of their lives, successful and independent. Nobody is into drugs, nobody is pregnant or dragging a brood behind them, nobody is depending on me for their next meal. I can be there for them - but I don't have to bug them or badger them or bludgeon them. They are a blessing.
So here I am - rapidly nearing retirement age. I have a nice home, a good job, 4 wonderful children, and the archtypical wife. I am, after 1 1/2 years, cancer free - and for the most part free of other physical ailments (let's not get involved in the results of the last wrestling practice!). I enjoy my work (although I am looking forward to retirement), enjoy coming home, enjoy my time in the garden and with my dogs. I am able to support a couple of favorite charities. I bask in the approval of my children. My goodness, thanksgiving is easy!
Thanks very much for sharing that MR. I appreciate everything you said (wrote!). I hope life continues in that fashion for you!

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Sounds like you're the poster boy for "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I am very happy for the battles you have won and the peace that you have found.
I am not sure if that was directed at me or MR but I just "assume" it was BOTH & say "Thanks Jack!" Hope you had a happy TG & that the rest of the Christmas season brings you lots of fun joy & adventure....