Thanks Spider!

I think that it is starting off really well.

Some of the side effects of Erbitux are diarrhea & Acne. If you look at those 2 you will see that they both have something to do with elimination from the body. Over the past 3 months I intuitively decided to do several detoxs/cleanses 1) Colon 2) Liver & 3) Gallbladder. I feel that b/c i did that my elimination system is pretty clean & that if there is any die off of the cancer cells I won't get sick from that. B/c basically cancer die off is like having little pieces of gangrene floating around your body. Not good. You want to get rid of that real fast.

Also if any of you took the time to read my post about Dr Chachoua's Induced Remission Therapy you will remember that he found that all remissions happened after the patient had a high grade fever & infection.

Last night after I got home from my 1st chemo treatment, I went to sleep around 8:30 pm only to wake up at 11:30 pm with a fever of 102.1. I realized that per Dr Chachoua this is what we want. B/c the Erbitux is not a POISON like most chemos but a chemical that locks onto specific receptors on the cancer cells (EGF receptors for those who want to know). This does 3 things 1) blocks cell division & 2) triggers "apoptosis" which the genetically programmed death that all cancer cells have that some how gets turned off in malignant cells & 3) Generates antibodies.

This means that the fever I had was being created the body creating antibodies. Hopefully the antibodies would go looking for an infection & find the cancer & handle it.

I baked myself with 4 blankets, a hot water bottle & some hot tea. My temp got up to 105.2 by midnight but broke to 104 by 12:40 & 101.7 by 2:00 am.

So cut to the chase, this morning I had the fever come back 4 more times & then by the afternoon I seemed to be fine. I actually starting looking for one of the new tumors under my chin & guess what? I couldnt find it. & the one new one behind my left ear? It was 1/4 inch & now was the size of a pin prick.

They gave me a double does to start off with so I am going to ask them for the same thing next week when I go in. So far I am happy with how fast the body is responding. I am getting a fever again now so I am off to bed.

I know some guys are texting me & PMing me regarding the upcoming PSU season as well as Fantasy League trades but as you can imagine right now my attention is totally on my health.