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    Well it's been 4 months since I posted here. Yes I am still alive.

    In March the scan I had showed that the cancer in my neck had grow back a 3rd time. The Oncologist was actually a bit impressed that I was still around but joked to me that he has learned not to be surprised by me anymore. He wanted me to do some chemo. I turned him down.

    I chose instead to use a very powerful herbal remedy called Bloodroot which burnt out 3 tumors in about 4 days. If anyone wants to see the pictures of that let me know & I will post them. It is the same thing I used last summer when the tumor grew back the 2nd time.

    Products Bloodroot

    Then in March I got some more of Dr Chachoua's oral vaccine (and I felt great on it) but later in May the neck tumors grew back. Dr Chachoua was trying to figure out what was going with me & he wanted me to do so more tests. According to his ideas cancer is an immune sys response to infection. Handle the infection & the cancer has nothing to attack & should be easier to kill off, provided it is not gotten too big.

    I went to another doctor & she told me she thought in early June that I only had 2 weeks to live unless I did chemo. I still said NO & went back to using the bloodroot in conjunction with a new anti-biotic Dr Chachoua had sent me. This time 2 tumors died in 2 days (got pictures of that as well). His anti-biotic seemed to do the trick but here we are in July & it is growing back a 5th time. Ask a Doctor if they have heard of that before & I will guarantee you most of them will say no.

    So back to the infections, I have in the past year fought off a fungus & 2 bacterial infections. So in my book the cancer should be handled. I finally got some money to do some tests. The test results came back with ONE MORE "INFECTION": four heavy metals including dioxin (a known carcinogen) , which somehow has gotten in my body & Dr Chachoua feels is helping the cancer to keep coming back.

    The doctor who has helped with discovering & fighting those infections is here:

    Natural Health Improvement Center - Clearwater

    & the one of the methods he uses is here:

    Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.

    So I am doing several things to get rid of the heavy metals:

    1) Dr Chachoua suggested I get some medical marijuana & create a salve with it to place topically on my neck OR get some Hemp Oil which has a great track record at eliminating skin cancers. This is in the interim of him trying to create something else for me. I have been out west working on some stuff & now I am up in Oregon to get a medical marijuana card & get Hemp Oil LEGALLY;

    2) I am starting Dr Shillington's Liver cleanse tomorrow to help flush out heavy metals out of my body. I know a few people who have done it & passed quite a few stones from their liver & gall bladder.

    Organic Solutions Store

    3) I have been going to a mineral hot springs in Bonneville WA in order to soak in the water up there. I did that last week & it was amazing! The scabs on my neck just fell off & my skin looked pink & healthy. Normally if I take a shower it burns my neck like F#$&! The manager up there found out that I was on disability & gave me 10 free passes to the baths & 10 free passes to the pool.

    Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa | Columbia Gorge, WA Hotels

    4) Saving up my money to do chelation therapy with a Doctor in Florida. This is a process where they injection with a IV drip for a few hours a day with substances that extract toxins out of the body.

    Chelation Therapy | Lifeworks

    I could do some more blood root but the problem with that is that the bloodroot is supposed to burn out the skin cancer & the body is supposed to grow back new skin BUT instead when the new skin grows back it is cancerous. So every time I burn it away I am just left with an increasingly bigger hole on the side of my neck. If I keep that up ad infinitum, I will be skin-less! I am do these things while Dr Chachoua comes up with something else for me.

    In the meantime I found this article from UCLA which shows that researchers have found that while radiation kills 50% of the cancer in patients it creates cancer stem cells that are 30xs more powerful than the original cancer. This might explain why the malignancy on my neck will not go away! It is the ONLY place where I got radiation, (which was 2 years ago).

    Radiation generates cancer stem cells from less aggressive breast cancer cells / UCLA Newsroom

    Anyways that is the latest news from Lake Wobegone! Anyone in the Pacific Northwest who would like to hang one day or night lemme know. Already had dinner with Portland Jim from the FOS board. Who knows I may go checkout the Oregon State team while I am here...
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