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    Idea Down hill team

    Well just last year. We were so close to winning league. And well the team was built of allot of seniors, and now it just got cut in half because they all graduated.And if thats not bad. Some of the other kids started going to other schools. But we have new people. The bigginers, but there still not covering all the weight classes, there doubling the sameones we allready have. And I want to get better but it seems to me I have to help everyone catch up and my coach is doing the same. how can I imporve my self when they love to stall. I here you can drill with anyone but can you really drill with a guy. you have to explain everthing too.
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    Women Re: Down hill team

    That sucks, man.

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    It's not that bad I get to see new styles of funk. that the new guys have to bring so it's not that bad.

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