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    Hi guys, coach is pleased with me after almost one year wrestling. Especially since I won my first match against a 16 yo. However, he says my neck is weak and because he knows how much bridging you do over in the USA he wants to knwo how many bridging exercises there are that would help me improve. Like, for instance, how many ways are there to go in to the back bridge etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated by him and me! Thanks guys....

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    Honestly in my opinion the best way to increase your ability to bridge is to just spend a lot of time in a bridge. Keep your hips up high, and your shoulders as far off the mat as possible (you should be on the TOP of your head, not the back) and move around on your head. Touch one ear to the mat then the next, then your nose, then your neck. You can also try to "walk" your feet around in a circle using your head as a pivot. Once you can bridge for several minutes straight w/o anything but your head and feet touching the mat then try having a workout partner lock up a pinning combo (though not tight) and bridge with his added weight. Have him vary his holds each time.
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    Hi and thanks for the reply. I do the normal bridge, yep, but coach wants me to improve my flexibility, which is why I'd like a list of all the bridging exercises there are, solo and buddy ones. Thanks though for the help.

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