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All Lifts are done without droping the bar no breaks between circuits and 30second break between each of the 4 sets
set 1
16x@45 curls reverse curls military press Rows Upright rows Squats and Lunges
25 push ups and sit ups
20 burpees with push ups
50x Squats
15x Push ups and sit ups
25x mountain climbers

Set 2
15x@45 Curls reverse curls military press rows Upright rows squats lunge Squats
10x@135 Shrugs and Dead lifts
25x Push ups and Sit ups
30x Squats
12x@135 Shrugs and Dead Lifts
15x push ups and Sit ups
35x mountain Climbers
20x Squats
14x@135 Shrugs and Dead lifts
10x Push ups and Sit ups

Set 3
14x@45 Curls Reverse Curls military Press Rows Upright Rows Squats and Lunges
50x Jumping jacks
45x Squats
40x Jumping jacks
35x Push ups
30x Jumping jacks
25x Knee Tucks
20x Jumping Jacks
15x Burpees with push up
10x Jumping Jacks
5x Burpees with push up

Set 4
13x@45 Curls Reverse Curls Millitary Press Row Upright Row Squats and Lunges
100 Burpees with push up
Brutal.. i like it..