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Thread: Champ Junior

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    Champ and Snackem - congrats - the fun is just beginning!

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Congrats champ, looks more like a team of Michael Phelps in that DNA
    Life's not the breaths you take, the breathing in and out that gets you through the day ain't what it's all about. It's the moments that take your breath away.

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    ... did someone say... MICHAEL PHELPS?!?!

    I forgot how much Champ loves MICHAEL PHELPS!!!
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    "Good things happen when you wrestle for a full seven minutes." -- Jayson Ness, post-finals press conference

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    My kids will not be pot heads.

    The due date is August 4th.
    I will smash your face into a car windshield and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again!

    Tell me about it, this morning, I woke up and I shit a squirrel, but what I can't get is the damn thing is still alive. So now, I've got a shit covered squirrel running around my office and I don't know what to name it.

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    Congrats, man.
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stardust View Post
    i'm so glad i dodged that bullet
    "Now class, I'd like for you to transition from downward dog....straight to FULL BRING!!!"

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    Congrats Champ, I'll have to send the youngster a USC Football jersey so he can follow a REAL TEAM.

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    Champ & Snackem,

    Congratulations on your impending lack of sleep.

    When my daughter was an infant, there was no cable tv. When I had to get up to feed her in the wee hours of the morning, if I turned on the television all that was on was The PTL Club with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Fortunately, she wasn't paying attention to it, but I'm permanently scarred.

    Best wishes to you and your families.
    Atrophy: what you get when you win atournament.

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    Champ's the rooster in the henhouse now. Congrats Champ, knew you had it in ya.

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