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Thread: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: All Weights Posted

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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: 197 Posted

    1. Jake Varner
    2. Craig Brester
    3. Hudson Taylor
    4. Eric Lapotsky
    5. Cam Simaz
    6. Chad Beatty
    7. Trevor Brandvold
    8. Alan Gelogaev

    R12-Brent Jones,Richard Starks, Jesse Strawn, Patrick Bond
    Jake is far from my favorite wrestler but he’s undeniably good. He’s hardly ever taken down, can bring the hammer on top and doesn’t get ridden at all. As good as Brester is Varner is better in every position and I think he finishes off a great career with a first place finish.
    Brester will definitely have me in his corner when he goes against Varner for B12 and NCAA finals, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough. Craig is a big time points scorer and bonus guy and doesn’t get near the love I think he should. He’s underrated on top and he gets lots of turns but I feel like he lacks the horsepower to get the necessary takedowns against Varner.
    Hudson gets 3<SUP>rd</SUP> again. He’s my favorite non hawk wrestling right now but I don’t see him breaking into this top group. Maybe I’m just going chalk here, but I really think that this pecking order is how it will end up.
    2<SUP>nd</SUP> tier begins now.
    Lapotsky made himself known to the other 97’s when he pounded Gelogaev in a near major. He’s got an arsenal from top and on his feet. While he’s not good enough to break into the top tier I feel he’s at the top of this second tier.
    Cam is a guy I like to AA again with a slight improvement from his previous placement. His loss to biondo and kennedy are concerning but he’s beaten more top level guys. He’s a better size now and that will help him this season.
    OH NO IS RIGHT! Chad Beatty will be back and ready to scrap. He’s not the biggest but he’s aggressive and will be focused on finally getting on the podium. He works and works and makes things happen. Had he not been injured he’d be a guy I slate at the 4 spot. But he is so he’ll have to settle for 6<SUP>th</SUP>.
    Trevor Brandvold won a spot in my heart when he didn’t punish an injured Chad Beatty. He’s got a win over Hudson and I think he’ll make the podium. If he gets any time with Pritzlaff that will be paying big dividends as well
    3<SUP>rd</SUP> tier begins now
    Gelogaev will get this far on his feet ability alone. I’m not a fan and hope he doesn’t AA but the talent is not there in my opinion for anyone to prevent him from placing. One advice for Z: Take neutral.
    This weight is another one that is slightly weak but it’s so top heavy that it makes it really interesting. I am not supremely confident about 4-8 but as I’ve said before I think I at least have the right guys.
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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: 184 Posted

    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    I'll agree that if he would push the action more he would be damn near impossible to stop. It seems like he can get a takedown about as easy as anyone when he wants to, he just doesn't always look to do it. He's still the favorite to win it, IMO. I can't wait to see him vs. Howe.

    Didn't Letts lose to Bennett?
    yep - 4 total losses. 3 to Lewnes, 1 to Bennett
    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: 197 Posted

    1. Jared Rosholt
    2. Dan Erekson
    3. Mark Ellis
    4. Scott Steele
    5. David Zabriske
    6. Nate Everhart
    7. Jarod Trice
    8. DJ Russo

    R12-Mitch Monteiro, Ryan Tomei, Tucker Lane, Zach Rey

    Jared in my opinion is the most talented of the heavies. He’s gotten bigger and has some sweet leg attacks. If he gets his conditioning up to par I think it’s his to lose. He will have a lot of challenges in conference but I feel that his pedigree is a cut above the rest.

    Danimal might be the best heavy around, but he’s only wrestled one match this year and I really don’t know where he’s at. This is a pretty high placement for a guy whos missed half the year but I think he’s getting back right on time to get enough mat time without wearing down. He’s a ridin son of a gun according to Brands and he’s great on his feet.
    The returning national champion Mark Ellis should be satisfied with his 3<SUP>rd</SUP> place finish. He was able to fend off his team mate all year and make the big dance for the last time. He’s a top notch scrambler who can get out of some tough situations. Hopefully he avoids Z this tournament or it will bring him down a few notches.
    In the navy! Steele looks great coming back from his injury. He’s got a pretty blast double and even though he’s an undersized heavy he uses great leverage when guys are on his legs. His time at the OTC pays off and he’ll finish 4<SUP>th</SUP>.
    Z is a tough kid but I don’t see him getting near the top this year. A 5<SUP>th</SUP> place finish is respectable and I see him winding up around here.
    Nate is a physical specimen at heavy. He has a nice double that is conducive to lots of heavy weight take downs. I see him having difficulty with the top notch hand fighters which is why I have him finishing 6<SUP>th</SUP>.
    Trice was someone not on my radar at all, but had a great midlands and has wins over lane, Bradley, anspach, and Zabriske. His lone loss was a head scratcher. I haven’t seen enough of Jarod to really comment on his style so I wont make anything up. He’s won lots of matches against good guys. I probably could have put him a bit higher but this is how I see it unfolding.
    DJ Russo is quite an active heavy. Though he’s not a heavy heavy his scrambling and pinning combinations will dumbfound a lot of the big slow boys. I think his talent and unorthodox style get him into the final spot on the podium.

    Heavy is actually a very interesting weight this year. Dudz hasn’t wrestled hardly at all and he’s getting arrested so I won’t put him in there until the monster takes the jumpsuit off and the singlet on. I think there are a number of guys who can win the title. Not at all trying to hedge my bets but I could see Rosholt, Steele, Danimal, Z, and Ellis all win it.
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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: 197 Posted


    1. Mark Ellis (Missouri)
    2. Konrad Dudziak (Duke)
    3. Jared Rosholt (Oklahoma State)
    4. David Zabriskie (Iowa State)
    5. Zach Rey (Lehigh)
    6. Scott Steele (Navy)
    7. Dan Erekson (Iowa)
    8. Ben Berhow (Minnesota)
    R12. David Marone (Virginia Tech), Mitch Monteiro (Cal-State Bakersfield), Chris Birchler (Edinboro), Tucker Lane (Nebraska)

    Mid Season
    1. Jared Rosholt (Oklahoma State)
    2. Nate Everhart (Indiana)
    3. David Zabriskie (Iowa State)
    4. Zach Rey (Lehigh)
    5. Scott Steele (Navy)
    6. Dom Bradley (Missouri)
    7. Dan Erekson (Iowa)
    8. DJ Russo (Rutgers)
    R12. Ryan Tomei (Pittsburgh), Tucker Lane (Nebraska), Mitch Monteiro (Cal-State Bakersfield), Jarod Trice (Central Michigan)

    As of right now in what has been a pretty consistently goofy weight this year Rosholt is my pick. Despite the fact that he's only lost one match so far this year, 9-7 to Nathan Fernandez I'm really not feeling too confident here right now. For whatever reason Rosholt seems to have had gas tank issues this year that he hasn't dealt with or at least hasn't appeared to have dealt with in the past. Even with those issues though Rosholt is still winning nearly every time he steps out on the mat. He's beaten Erik Nye and Ricky Alcala twice apiece. He avenged the loss to Fernandez and then also has wins over Berhow, Wade, and D2 heavyweight Dustin Finn who was wreaking havoc against Rosholt's Big 12 compatriots during the early part of the year. His really headline wins so far have come over Bradley, Rey (1st period pin), and Zabriskie.

    I've been searching for a guy through out these weight classes to label most improved overall as I come to the end of the my predictions I think I've found my guy here in Everhart. He's a guy who has gone from a middle of the road 197, to a middle of the road heavyweight, to now this year progressing into a top flight guy and title contender here at this weight class. En route to titles at both the Las Vegas tournament and the Southern Scuffle he's put up wins over Jack, Monteiro, Lane, Birchler, and Steele. Thus far he has not lost. With Erekson making his way back it should be really interesting to see these two guys come up against one another.

    So far this year Zabriskie has continued to be his ever consistent yet still very undersized in comparison to the guys that he wrestles against self. He's lost twice so far this year, 3-2 to Jarod Trice in the Midlands finals and an 8-5 match two days ago to Rosholt. He's got wins over Brantley, Ellis, Rey, and Fernandez. Last year he really excelled during the last month of the season against his Big 12 opponents and that wound up propelling him to the #1 seed at NCAA's. He had a tough go against Rosholt a few days ago but it'll be interesting to see what he's able to do against the other guys in the conference.

    In terms of sheer number of quality wins Rey has the most out of all the guys that I've put on this list here at this weight, the issue that is keeping him from going any higher here (and some might argue should have him a little lower) is the fact that he's dropped quite a few matches already. So far this year he's beaten both Bradley and Tomei twice. Then he has single wins over Wade, Morrison, Lane, Russo, Birchler, Fernandez, and Arnone. As just a redshirt sophomore he's still got a lot of time left and I've already gone on the record predicting him as a finalist both of the next two years.

    Scott Steele is only getting one semester of competition this year to make one last run and so far he appears as though he's going to try and make the best of it. So far he's got wins over both Arnone, and Rey and then he's dropped a match to Everhart in the finals at the Scuffle. To his credit he also had some solid wins while wrestling freestyle earlier in the fall.

    Bradley's toughest overall competition over the rest of the year may be proving himself enough to where he's the one who comes out of his own room. As of right now Ellis given that he's still the defending national champion will probably be the guy who gets the nod but Bradley is 3-1 (counting wrestle offs) against Ellis this year so he's the one that I'm including in my picks. Other than his matches against Ellis, Bradley also has a win over Tomei. Again other than matches against Ellis, he's dropped two matches to Rey, and then he's also lost to Rosholt and Trice.

    During the summertime Dan Erekson was my champion pick at this weight and he was my champion pick up until directly before I put these picks out in the fall when he tore his bicep. He returned this weekend with a fall over Adam Walls in the first period in his first match back. He's a guy who definitely has the capability to rise, and rise a lot on this list but I had him here at #7 after he got injured and he'll have to wrestle some more before I move him up from this spot.

    I'll readily admit that this should probably be Ryan Tomei here given that he's beaten him both times that they wrestled this year but for now I'm sticking Russo here in this last spot. Like Zabriskie, Russo is a smaller heavyweight than most of the guys that he's wrestling. Unlike Zabriskie who while being active wrestles a more straight up style, Russo is a wild man who loves to try and pin. So far this year he's got pins over Morrison and Birchler, and then a bunch over lower level guys. He's also got a win over Brantley. He's got the aforementioned two losses to Tomei and then he's also gone down to Rey and to Ellis.

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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: All Weights Posted

    Dom Bradley will not AA.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Mitch Monteiro is overrated.

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    I thought Ellis beat Bradley 2x (wrestle off and a tournament- Midlands?)

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    I think Everhart is CLEARLY the most improved. He looks exceptional on film. My only grounding is that he hasn't seen most of the top flight competition this year at his weight.
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    Default Re: 2010 Midseason All American Predictions: All Weights Posted

    Nate has seen #6 Steele ,at the time #7 Monterio and #11 Birchler and a few others -including David Wade whom he majored . He has stayed on campus the last 2 summers training and lifting -his weight has gone from 205 to 245 with around 5-6% body fat. Plus he knows how to wrestle as he was a smaller guy in high school and a smallish 197 his freshman year .

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