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Thread: Moves to Hit From Tie-up

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    I love to tie-up with people, my duck-walk is just average so I avoid going straight from neutral.

    However I only have three moves I know how to hit.
    Duck Under

    Could you explain some other moves to me please?
    Also, I find that hitting a duck under is impossible in an actual match, the opponents arm is just too tense to force upward...


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    When ducking under, it's less about forcing your opponents arm up than putting pressure on the "head" hand to direct him overtop of you. If you put weight on the head and drop your weight you won't have the move that arm much.

    From a tie up- learn one of the many arm throws/spins and try that. Or bang on their head until it goes down and frontheadlock them (also works as a leg shot setup). Or knee pick (like an ankle pick but you go to the knee, so you don't have to move as far.)

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    guessing by the moves you like from a tie up you go straight for the head and get in the WWE tie up, that right there is your main issue for hitting a duck under in a match. you should learn to get off the head first and that'll open up more moves for you. you can hit a high crotch, double leg, sweep, even a duck under, etc...

    check out this duck under at 3:24 in this video, it's how I teach a duck under and it works pretty good.

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