I really like this matchup regardless of who your team is, this is my personal non-biased opinion(wink,wink)
125 Big edge to Sanders as Triggas doesn't look like he'll even be the starter I'm giving a major to the Goph's no matter the competitor
133 Paddock will have a nice year but as a fan of wrestling I hope Ness breaks through this year and wins the whole thing seems like an A+ person
141 Humphrey no doubter but I think it will stay to a decision
149 Palmer, I don't care who wrestles for Minny but I'll be generous and say decision
157 Key Match of the dual and I give the edge to Nemec. As HSlers both were highly reguarded but Nemec is the better folkstyler
165 Marquee matchup but I love Schlatter and hope he brings home a title this year but at his best he only wins by 7
174 Rella takes this one Gophers are better here than in the past but Rella will AA this year and takes this match
184 I am giving benefit to Gophers and calling this only a major (due to Gold open results, he doesn't look right)
197 Bucks will be significantly better at 97 this year with Magrum but I'll give the gophers this one but this is a see-saw-er
HWT Morrison and Berhow will be close but the coin landed on tails so I'm going with Berhow in a dec.
16-17 Gophers
Really there are 4 key matches to decide this dual @ 57,74,97 and HWT so we'll have to wait and see how it pans out. Whomever grabs the bonus and wins the swing matches will decide this one (as it does in every great matchup)
Too bad Schlatter wouldn't have stayed at home and be a 57 for the home-boys