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Thread: Warm up music

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    Default Warm up music

    Im gonna put together a CD for our team for warm up... Any Good ideas for songss.. ???

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    lincon Park - im about to break,it pretty good if your looking for Rock

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    "The Realest Sport" by T-P & Esco this is a really good song that is directly about wrestlling

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    Knights in White Satin.

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    TP & Esco have an entire album coming out in 2 weeks for wrestling on iTunes called the Realest sport EP.... Like them on Facebook at .

    Here is one of the new songs off the album actually called cutting weight Cutting Weight feat. iLL3K by TP & Esco

    They have 2 out right now from the album officially for sale to, take em down and as stated previously, the Realest sport the song. All dope

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