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    Do you take longer breaks when you lift weights for pure strength (deadlift) or eness (power clean)?
    Like I said, It depends on how much weight I am using. But most of the time yea. When I squat my regular 10-rep weight, I'll usually rest 90 seconds. I'll rest longer as I go up in weight, but no longer than 2minutes. When I lift regular weight lifts I rest for 60 secs. But when I do stuff like squats, clean & jerks, es(Bunch of power & olympic lifts), I'll take a pretty good rest because those exercise completely tire me out. Those kind of exercises pretty much require your whole body to work them. So yea, you should take a long rest between so you won't kill yourself. But not to long. At most 2 minutes. I rarely lift weights now these days since moving on to better stuff. The only kind of "weightlifting" I would probaly do are stuff like Olympic lifts and squats.
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