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    Loved that Saitiev match... big comeback (even though I thought some of those rolls should have been called 2-2).

    Arsen Fadzaev Playlist Fadzaev in better times... from 49North wrestling. The most impressive for me are the absoltue stoimpings he puts on world champion Sterev.

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    asian championships 60 kg- - Channel FILA Wrestling videos -multiple 3 point throws from neutral.

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    2013 U.S. Open

    All US open matches. I unfortunately don't have time to pick through them right now, but if someone does and can reccomend some exciting ones, please do.

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    From the Nordic championships, Elias Kuosmanen FIN (Junior world champion 2011) vs Felix Baldauf NOR greco. Exciting ending of the match, starting from 9:00
    Elias Kuosmanen FIN - Felix Baldauf NOR - YouTube

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    Since the rules are apparently changing again, here's a look back. Below is my list of the top ten freestyle matches from the 3 period era. To make it a bit easier for myself, multiple matches between the same opponents (ie Tsargush/Burroughs) only count once.

    #10 is arguably the top wrestler from the 3 period era, Russia's Gatsalov, against his arch-rival Gogchelidze from Georgia at 96 kg. Very tough, physical match, with Gogchelidze passing out at the end.
    Khadjimurad Gatsalov (Russia) v. Georgi Gogchelidze (Georgia) - YouTube

    #9 is a wild quarterfinal match between Russia's Murtazaliev and Ukraine's Stadnik at 66 kg. The favored Murtazaliev gasses pretty badly, and then moves up in weight the next year. Just a wild, action filled bout.
    murtazaliev vs stadnik 2006 world championship - YouTube

    #8 is the world championship final between Turkey's Shahin and Cuba's Garzon. Huge throw by Shahin in the 3rd. They actually had two spectacular rematches after this, both won by Shahin. Given that Garzon was later suspected of throwing matches, this one is ripe for picking over by conspiracy theorists.2007 World Championship Wrestling FS 66kg:Garzon Caballero Geandry (CUB)-Shahin Ramazan (TUR) - YouTube

    #7 I'm not sure what is less likely- the notoriously defensive Sokhiev being involved in a classic, or the undersized Ganev winning a world title at 84, but somehow both happen as Ganev stages a late comeback.
    GANEV Mihail Petrov (BUL) -- SOKHIEV ZAURBEK (UZB) Finale 1-2 - YouTube

    #6 is the historic Olympic final between Saitiev and Tigiev at 74 kg. Arguably the greatest wrestler of all time comes out on top in his final match- but not without having to work for it.
    Saitiev vs. Tigiev - Final 74kg - YouTube

    #5 is the Olympic final between Stadnik and Shahin at 66 kg. These guys wrestled in several classic matches. This one isn't the most action packed, but it was the most important on the world's biggest stage with every round coming down to the wire. Stadnik's wife, also a great wrestler, breaks down in the stands at the end.
    2008 Olympic Games Wrestling FS 66kg: Shahin Ramazan (TUR) - Stadnik Andrey (UKR) - YouTube

    #4 is an absolute war between Mindorashvilli of Georgia and Ketoev of Russia. The Russian was the defending world champ and wrestler of the year, who had beaten Mindo handily earlier in the year. Mindorashvilli proves that aggression and fitness definitely had their place in the 3 period era, and ends it off with a fall!
    Revaz Mindorashvili VS Ketoev 2008 olympic - YouTube

    #3 is the Saitiev/Murtazaliev series in 2007/08. After losing at the worlds at 66, Murta bumped up to 74, beat the legendary Saitiev in the Nationals, and won the world title. He then beat Saitiev again at the Yarygin, before Saitiev won the final showdown and the Olympic team berth. Shown in the 3rd match, but all are great.
    Buvaisar Saitiev vs Maxach Murtazaliev Championat Russia 2008 Final - YouTube

    #2 is the other "best wrestler" of the 3 round era, Kudukhov, taking on Fedorishin at the world championships. The Ukranian is a tough matchup for everyone and managed to take it to the 3rd period clinch, leading to the most (some would say only) exciting moment in the much-despised tiebreaking position. What a way to win at home!
    Ossetian Wrestler Besik Kudukhov (red )60 kg World championship final 2010 in Moscow - YouTube

    #1 is the Burroughs/Tsargush series, and I'm going to cheat by posting both. Two spectatular but very different matches. In the first, Tsargush expects to coast and the unknown American beats him up physically and keeps taking him down. You can almost see the thought process in Tsargush's head as he begins to pour it on and then realizes that "oh crap, I'm really trying and he's still beating me!" The Olympic rematch is very much a chess match between two opponents with a lot of respect for each other, but still a lot of action and a Burroughs win at the end.
    2011 Worlds Freestyle 74kg - Jordan Burroughs (USA) vs. Denis Tsargush (RUS) - YouTube
    Jordan Burroughs (USA)-Denis Tsargush (Russia) - YouTube

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    96 kg 3rd place match at Aliev tourney yesterday: Shamil Akhmedov - Batraz Gazzaev
    96 кг малый финал_Ш Ахмедов-Б Газзаев - YouTube

    How do you score the actions between 4:45 and 5:45?

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    wow, not easy and could be score a bunch of different ways.

    i'd go 2 red (back exposure), 1 blue (reversal), 2 blue (exposure), 2 red (exposure).

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