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    One of the best matches from the so-called terrible greco rules -era, Tamasz Lorincz vs Sergei Kovalenko 2006 euro finals in Moscow.
    Lorincz just 19 years here.

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    2001 Senior World Championships: 76 kg Bouvaisar Saitiev (RUS) vs. Revaz Mindorashvili (GEO) - YouTube

    A playlist of some old school Russian champions, including Fadzaev beating up world champ Sterev, Belogalzov ripping the face off Olympic champ Trstena, and probably the best heavyweight match I've ever seen between multiple world champs A. Khadartsev and Baumgarder. Also, the first Saitiev/Leipold WC match.
    Olympic/World Champions from Russia/USSR! different link to the playlist above

    Balz, Heiko (GER) vs Chabelov, Leri (EUN) - YouTube Khebalov (spelling?) Olympic final

    Mehdi Hajizadeh vs Magomed Isagadjiev - YouTube Ishgadjieev/Hajizadeh

    buvaysar saitiev vs magomed isagadjiev2 - YouTube Saitiev/Ishgadjiev. This guy had beaten Saitiev earlier.

    Rahmat Sofiyadi vs Nasir Gadjikhanov 1990 World Championshi - YouTube Big comeback by Sofiyadi
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    2007 worlds: future olympic silver medalist Espinal vs. past olympic bronze medalist Murtazaliev
    М.Муртазалиев - Эспиналь - YouTube

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    2001 worlds: a Chechen guy representing Armenia makes Romero angry
    2001 Senior World Championships: 85 kg Yoel Romero (CUB) vs. Mahmed Aghaev (ARM) - YouTube

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    Crazy that Espinal can be that competitive with Murtazaliev and then get beaten down by "lesser" American wrestlers. All of Murta's matches that year were exciting, he puts on a chestlock clinic here.
    М.Муртазалиев - Брзозовски - YouTube

    It's too bad the Murtazaliev and Burroughs eras didn't overlap, I would have loved to see that matchup! - Channel FILA Wrestling videos Herbert Bobulaski. I remember thinking that Herbert got pretty screwed in the Sharifov match, but over than a possible missed 5-count for Herbert I don't see any scoring controversy in this one. - Channel FILA Wrestling videos
    Great match either way, but does anyone else think Sharifov gets the benefit of the doubt from the officials a LOT? - Channel FILA Wrestling videos
    Yonemitsu/Lopez. The Japanese wrestler is just so calm and technical.

    2013 Brock Open: 76 kg Shawn Daye-Finley vs. Chris Laverick - YouTube
    Wild match between Laverick and Shawn Daye-Finley.

    2011 Worlds Freestyle 60kg - Franklin Gomez (PUR) vs. Zelimkhan Huseynov (AZE) - YouTube
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    Yesterday, in the finals of the German League, Bichinashvili (37) pinned Aldatov.

    Bichi SS - YouTube

    view from another camera, at 0:30
    Mainz: Ringen: Hinkampf im DM-Finale - SWR Fernsehen :: Landesschau aktuell Rheinland-Pfalz |

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    Man, Aldatov is really mailing it in One of my favorites to watch when he's "on" but got to be one of the most pinnable world champs around,.

    The best of the Guelph open, a recend Canadian tournament with some American competitors and a lot of incredible matches:
    2013 Guelph Open: 96 kg Jeremy Latour vs. Riley Otto - YouTube 96 kg final Latour/Otto
    2013 Guelph Open: 55 kg Aso Palani vs. Jake Hergenhein - YouTube 55 kg semi Palani/Hergenheim
    2013 Guelph Open: 55 kg Steven Takahashi vs. Brad Pataky - YouTube 55 kg semi Pataky/Takahashi
    2013 Guelph Open: 74 kg Roger Alves vs. Cleo Ncube - YouTube 74 kg semi Alves/Ncube
    2013 Guelph Open: 74 kg Bronze Roger Alves vs. Shawn Daye-Finley - YouTube 74 kg bronze Alves/Daye-Finley
    2013 Guelph Open: 84 kg Final Jordie Steen vs. Alex Brown - YouTube 84 kg final Steen/Brown
    2013 Guelph Open: 84 kg Alex Burk vs. Jordie Steen - YouTube 84 kg semi Burk/Steen
    2013 Guelph Open: 60 kg Bronze James Mancini vs. Justin Basra - YouTube 60 kg bronze Basra/Mancini
    2013 Guelph Open: 66 kg Final Ryan Weicker vs. Kellen Russell - YouTube 66 kg final Weicker/Russel

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    GR 66 KG - Shihu Wang (CHN) vs. Yerbol Konyratov (KAZ) - YouTube Dave Schultz 66 kg greco final. What a throw!

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    What call do they make at the end of this match? After the whistle? Pretty impressive for Williams.

    2001 Senior World Championships: 76 kg Joe Williams (USA) vs. Bouvaisar Saitiev (RUS) - YouTube

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