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Thread: Good Matches

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    Tourney in Grozni, Chechnya, today
    74 kg, Kakhaber Khubezhty pinning everybody ))

    Khubezhty, representing Russia, was jr world champ long time ago - in 2006. In the finals, he destroyed future star Goudarzi, 9:1. Then he moved to Slovakia but due to problems with citizenship he could never participate at worlds.

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    Kakhaber unbelievable...

    Thanks for posting, akzent.

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    Later he "lost" the final to Muslim Dadaev representing the host country and city; strange calls in the 2nd period.

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    So Dadaev got exposure but Khubetzty didn't? okaayyy then...

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    we want top 10 list of matches for the last year!

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    I'll start...

    #10 is the World Cup match between Taghavi (Iran) and Yonemitsu (Japan). These two have gone back and forth for a while and met in the 2011 world finals, with Taghavi winning a close one. Yonemitsu ended up winning the 2012 Olympic games.
    Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu (Japan) vs Mehdi Taghavi (Iran) 66kg 2012 Freestyle World Cup - YouTube

    #9 is the much-discussed world cup match between 2011 World champion Yazdani (Iran) and Varner (USA). It's not often you see someone as good as Varner get beaten that badly. This match took on more significance (on the internet, anyway) when Yadzani injured out at the Olympics and Varner won the gold medal.
    Reza Yazdani (Iran) vs Jake Varner (USA) 96kg 2012 Freestyle World Cup - YouTube

    #8 is the Russian nationals matchup between 2x world champ Lebedev and long time #2 Otarsultanov. Some great scrambles in this matchup, with masterful clinch defense. Otarsultanov ended up winning Olympic gold.
    55 lbs finals Viktor Lebedev vs. Jamal Otarsultanov | 2012 Russian Nationals | Flowrestling

    #7 is US Olympic trials matchup between Howe and Burroughs. One of the few times Burroughs looked really vulnerable, but he still gutted it out even though Howe is one of the few people able to force Burroughs into ties.look Unfortunately, there was no rematch as Howe badly injured his knee at the end.
    Jordan Burroughs vs. Andrew Howe 2012 Olympic Team Trials - YouTube

    #6 is the Olympic final matchup between Asgarov (Azerbayjan) and Kudukhov (Russia). This was probably the most anticipated matchup of the year, with arguably the world's best P4P wrestler facing the year's most dominant one. In the end, it wasn't even close (although, as akzent pointed out, the first period was poorly officiated).
    Asgarov (AZE) v Kudukhov (RUS); 2012 Olympics 60kg Gold medal - YouTube

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    #5 is the first round match between Yazdani and Gadisov (Russia) at the Olympics. Gadisov had beaten the defending world champ earlier this year. Gadisov's lack of conditioning in the match, and the factor the draw had in his loss, seems to be an obsession on the other site.
    Wrestling: Gentry Loses in Quarter-Finals - YouTube

    #4 is the Olympic quarterfinal between Gentry (Canada) and Burroughs. Probably the most controversial selection on my list, but I'm Canadian and people are still talking about this one in Canada. Gentry was really close and it's not like Burroughs had an off match either. Great scrambles in the second period.
    Wrestling: Gentry Loses in Quarter-Finals - YouTube

    #3 is the Olympic quarterfinal matchup between world and Olympic bronze medallist Mashragvilli of Georgia, and eventual silver medallist Espinal of Puerto Rico. Honestly, this is one of the biggest upsets of all time given each athlete's prior credentials. The way it happened- a big comback with huge throws and turns- just makes it even better. Unfortunately, I can't find the video. Anyone help?

    #2 is the Olympic semifinal between Burroughs and Tsargush of Russia. The most anticipated rematch of the year had a very different feel to it than the first one. Last year they had a crazy brawl, this year was more of a chess match between two great wrestlers. Still a great bout between two of the best guys in the world at any weight.
    Jordan Burroughs (USA)-Denis Tsargush (Russia) - YouTube

    #1 is an early season matchup between eventual olympic champ Asgarov and longtime Russian #2 Open Sat. This was Asgarov's coming out party at 60 kg. This match might not be as "important" as the previous one, but the action is crazy and non-stop. Probably the toughest test Asgarov had en route to his undefeated season.
    Togrul Asgarov(AZE)-Opan Sat(RUS) FS 60 KG European Nations Cup 2011 Moscow - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    I can't find the video. Anyone help?
    Wrestling - Men Freestyle 60kg, 84kg & 120kg - London 2012 Olympic Games - YouTube

    at 1:51:15

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    i agree with the match between sat and asgarov, however you did miss one match that should be in your # 1 match of the year, adam saitiev vs geduev at the yarigan,

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