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Thread: Good Matches

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    Guess I'm not done... I found more good ones.

    An incredibly physical match at 66 kg.

    quite the display of old-school greco

    For some reason 74 kg seems to have all the good scramblers. Here are two of the most fun- Chamsa vs Terziev.

    One more for the "Fundora gets embarassed" pile, his match vs Terziev at the olympics is found at e2=match_poids='74'%20and%20match_style='FS'%20AND %20match_poids='74'%20and%20match_style='FS'&compe t=593

    And I don't want to re-post them, but I posted some Olympic matches from Umahanov and Igali on this thread if you haven't seen them.
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    Love the Gog matches.... I didn't know he liked to throw so much!!

    Speaking of throws... some good ones from the little guys in these matches.

    Hey did Gatsalov and Kurtanidze ever wrestle in the world finals? I found their world cup and European championship matches, but I thought they wrestled in the world's as well. Anyone know where I can find the match?

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    I had a hell of a time finding exciting Greco matches (Gaber and Kvirkvelia aside), regardless of the rules in place. These ones are pretty good.
    55 kg world final, features good moves from both guys

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    if you want good greco matches, check out joe warren's matches from the world cup in 2007.

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    The hairy beast-man Mindo does it Iowa style... watch his opponents wilt with exhaustion.

    Olympic 1/4 final
    Olympic semifinal
    Olympic final

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    how did mino get those guys to that bad?

    didn't look like he was doing anything that special

    is he just that strong or something?

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    I have the same question. I mean, he keeps steady pressure and stays on the attack, but you'd think a world-class athlete would train for that. I've heard rumors that Ketoev had trouble making weight, no idea what's going on with the other guys he beat though.

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