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    Good matches from the worlds.
    96 kg finals, Gatsalov vs Gazumov
    the clinchmaster Taghavi vs Stadnik. Yes, it's boring. If anyone finds a non-boring Taghavi match, please let me know.
    A banged up Stadnik takes on Spiridov; plenty of points scored in this one.
    Yang vs Naaranbatar. Match of the day IMO. Love the first period arm-spin! Yang puts on a ton of pressure to wear down his opponents. Plus, he's probably got bigger legs than most of the 66's.
    Spiridov vs Paulson. Good, scramble-filled match as well as a heart breaker for Paulson. Not sure the "point" at the end was the correct call.
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    They're up already? I couldn't find it.

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    Akzent found them I think, only some are up.

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    Hopefully they put up today's matches soon, looking at the scores they seem more exciting (especially Herbert's) than yesterday's. I also want to put up the 60 kg final which featured some great moves.
    Djukaev vs Kumar.
    Hasanov vs Garzon. Really slick TD's by both guys. Plus a really wierd situation at the end... Hasanov thinks he's got the pin, releases Garzon, jumps back on top, puts on what looks like an illegal headlock and... well, just watch the match
    Yang vs Gadziev. Features a huge throw and a rare comeback. The Korean is just so powerful.
    Gatsalov vs Gogchelidze. I can't think of a bigger match, in terms of the participant's credentials, in this championship. Plus, no clinch!
    I think one of the reasons Gatsalov is so good is that he can do so many different shots perfectly. In this one he does the low ankle shots to perfection.
    Yang unleases his wrath on Aivazain
    Bigger Yang vs Barnes. It's too bad the South Africans don't really have the skill level to compete at the worlds, because their style is great.
    Krastanov (which does NOT sound like a British name) vs Gadziev. This one's just wierd.
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    man that PRK at 55 was great, never gave up, always attacked even when he was up, no matter what the rules are when you got someone pushing the tempo like that its always fun watching

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    Herbert vs Binashvilli. It's too bad this one ended early (injury) because you'll rarely see this much action under any rule set.
    60 kg final, the short version. Kudukhov is sooo slick, that leg-flip thingy he does in the first is unreal.

    All the matches I want to watch (fedorishin vs Kudukhov, Sokhiev vs Aldatov especially) won't load on the site.. hopefully that changes.
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    Yang (PPK) 55kg was my favorite guy to watch in the worlds. Strong, fast and relentless. check out match #9 vs. the Mongolian. 3 setter with great underarm spin. PPK domination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Herbert vs Binashvilli. It's too bad this one ended early (injury) because you'll rarely see this much action under any rule set.
    This could be one of the best matches of the day. Bichin is from the “old generation” of East European wrestlers – aggressive, attacking during the whole match. And he loves when also his opponents wrestle in the same way. I remember seeing him few minutes after he won his first German nationals in 2004. He was sitting in a corner of the training hall. I went to him to congratulate him and I saw him crying. He said he was unhappy because his opponent in the finals wrestled defensively and the match wasn't good. Can you picture that? A man, 29, an experienced wrestler crying like a small child because somebody has spoiled the game.
    Another story Genadii Laliev often tells: They wrestled in the finals of a tourney 3-4 years ago. The match was like that one we watched in the 84 final a day ago: Bichin in the role of Hebert and Laliev in the role of Sokhiev. Laliev says - the entire match Bichin was shouting to him: baris! baris! (wrestle! wrestle!)
    Is there a video of Herbert v. Bichin at 2008 Dave Schultz?

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