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Thread: Good Matches

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    For those slightly traumatized by the stall-erific quasi-wrestling that the freestyle men displayed during the WTT finals, I present these random matches I found on youtube.

    Tsargush vs Aldatov

    Leipold vs some Russian (AWESOME match)

    Leipold vs Saitiev

    Albiev vs some guy (Greco wrestling)

    Cejudo vs Azevedo

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    wheres the finals of mocco getting beat by dlganev or how ever you spell his name, those 2 are ones i wanna see really bad

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    Albiev is absolutely ridiculous. I'd almost forgotten how badly he'd killed everybody last summer.

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    our coaches made the entire team watch matches of albiev when they felt many of us were not wrestling up to our potential. for me it was the most enjoyable meeting we had outside of the wrestling room

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    Ramazan Shahin
    Saeed vs Kendall Cross
    links to a ton of great Russian matches on this site. Not sure if it's the same Tigran that was interviewed on flowrestling before the olympics.
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    Manachur Kirkvelia
    olympic semifinals... I love the "enough of this crap" final throw.
    olympic trials vs Samurgashev. I guess when you're this good you don't need to learn gut wrench defence
    olympic final vs China

    Oh, and Pritzlaff vs Heskett
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    Murta vs Aldatov, world finals
    Aldatov vs Fundora
    Gatsalov vs Sanderson

    Does anyone have that rediculous bronze medal match Fundora had vs Bulgaria at the Olympics?
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    terry brands v jesus wilson

    Murtazaliev v Stadnik (my personal fav)

    and theres one more match that i need to search for on youtube some where, its a match between murtazaliev and ivan fundora, its hard to find though.

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