Like you said, Andy Patrick could have possibly gotten into Stanford, but he choose not to go there. So, not only are the coaches at Stanford inhibited by the very high admission standards, but some that do get accepted choose not to go or may never even be interested at all. This further slims an already very slim pool of candidates, which is especially true for heavyweights in wrestling. As a matter of fact, this happened with another member of the Boise wrestling team who got accepted but choose not to attend Stanford. Nonetheless, you have no idea whether the coaches recruited a heavyweight, all you know is that one did not get in and/or did not choose to attend school there. I would say that recruiting two prospective 184/197 pounders means they are trying to get the heavy weights filled up. Prospective means their weights are not set in stone and either could end up at heavyweight in the future.

I agree with you in that forfeiting a weight is not good at all. It would be sad to see the same happen next year. But unlike you, I realize that the realities for Stanford are vastly different from Boise State (that is not cliche) and I think this recruiting class is a step toward fulfilling the needs of the team.