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    You can have one of these guys for 5 years when they enter college.

    Aaron Pico or Chance Marsteller.

    Basically, pick who has the best career.

    Im interested to see where people land on this one.
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    I'll admit up front that I had to look up Pico. Seeing him take Jr folkstyle, Free and Greco this year seems solid to say the least.

    For me, it is really hard to compare a rising sophomore to a rising senior. I don't think it can be argued that Pico seems a much better prospect than Marsteller was after their freshman years. So what I am left with is CM continued on that trajectory while we don't know if Pico will. I'm answering this as if I were the coach, I was on a bit of a hot seat, and I could only choose one guy to save my job. If I had to decide who to sell my soul (within NCAA rules, of course) to get - when in doubt, I'll take the proven senior.

    By the way, It seems to me that the hype almost seems biggest when these guys are freshman. It has gotten to the point where we get used to them by Jr/Sr year, and the hyperbole becomes more realistic.

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    Default Re: Pick One

    I still like Marsteller haha
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    I'd take Pico. Something about Marsteller just rubs me the wrong way.
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    Pico's only one of about five high school wrestlers that I know about, but he did actually win folkstyle nationals easily this year as a cadet, wrestling up as a junior.

    He was the best thing that I saw at that tournament this year. That's for sure.
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    The phrase, "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" comes in handy here. Take the sure stud today instead of the maybe stud tomorrow. May not turn out that way every time, but you're likely to be correct more often than not.

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    Marsteller is just too good to pass up. Who knows, maybe Pico becomes the next Kyle Dake, but too much can happen between now and when he finishes high school - injuries, loses interest or motivation, etc. Marsteller is healthy and motivated right now. Assuming he stays healthy, motivated, out of trouble, etc., he probably AA's for 3 or 4 years, with a good chance at 1 or 2 titles.

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    Pico's age, and thus the question of "how much better can he be, and will he come back to the pack?" is more prevalent in my mind for him. I think Marstellar is the safer bet with similar upside.
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    I have a gut feeling that Marsteller won't live up to the hype in college but I don't have much of a basis for it. The kid wins everything in sight. If I could pick any one high schooler I have seen wrestle it would be Jared Cortez. I think he is going to be the best of the litter in college

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