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    When will the changes for freestyle be announced. I watch much more freestyle now than I ever have and don't like some of the rules. I'm hoping the push out rule gets changed along with the two of three periods thing. I'd like to get back to having the cumulative score win the match. Oh, and I'm not a fan of the ball grab either. I'm kind of excited to see what they come up with in regards to making matches more offensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    I'm hoping the push out rule gets changed along with the two of three periods thing.
    There are things that can be changed but in my mind, this isn't going to lead to...

    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    making matches more offensive.
    This. In fact, quite the opposite.
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    I don't really know, but my understanding is the various national federations are in the process of submitting preferred rule sets, which FILA will look at and them make decisions. I've heard May as a possible date but really I have no idea.

    As I said in the US open thread, I support changing the format if it makes wrestling less confusing more spectators and gets rid of the clinch, but that won't necesarily lead to more scoring. Remember all the 1-1 referee's decisions from back in the day? In fact I'd bet the current format, though less pleasing to watch, actually has more points scored.

    The problem is that stalling is easier than not stalling, so there will always be wrestlers who don't score a lot. When you try to force them to score, you impose conditions on the match (stalling calls, passivities, cautions, clinches, ect) that make the match more atificial and makes the referees more prominent.

    I don't know that there's a clear solution to the problem or a perfect set of rules. I do know that we can have better (ro at least, less confusing) rules than we have right now.
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    I don't have a huge issue with low scoring but the ball grab is silly. It's similar to overtime in regular season hockey, where they play five minutes of four on four and then go to a shootout if they are still tied. Having a shootout is like deciding a basketball game by shooting free throws to see which team should win.

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    I like the push out. Controlling the mat is a part of the sport.

    2 of 3 periods is ridiculous. and i felt like an idiot explaining the ball grab tiebreaker to my wife. It is the dumbest way to decide a match.

    Also I hate the new Freestyle system where Iowa isnt very good. FILA needs to address this.
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    Not trying to change the subject entirely, but looking back at the Real Pro Wrestling videos on youtube (hard to believe this was 7 years ago), I think they got a lot of things right. Toby Willis and Matt Case were attempting to market a variation of freestyle wrestling to the populous at a time when the UFC was starting to blow up (TUF Season 1 in 2005). They changed the uniforms (needs to be done), changed the rules to encourage movement and control (freestyle/folkstyle hybrid), changed the environment to attract fans (elevated stage, bright lights, NCAA finals-type entries), and provided back stories to draw fan connections. I'm not saying RPW was perfect (strayed too much toward WWE than MMA), but I think they were moving in the right direction. If international wrestling was even somewhat like RPW, I highly doubt the IOC would have made their decision. Check out the videos....

    Real Pro Wrestling - Joe Williams Vs Donny Pritzlaff Part 2 - YouTube
    Wrestling - Real Pro Wrestling - YouTube

    Kind of reminds me of the changes Squash made to improve their Olympic bid chances (video below). FILA needs to learn from past attempts and from other innovative sport marketing examples.

    Squash Olympic Bid - YouTube
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    I like best 2 of 3 and the pushout. I watched a fair amount of Fresstyle wrestling during the Olympics and I thought in general that the wrestling was pretty exciting and the rules don't need a lot of major changes. the clinch is a catastrophe and needs to be changed. I don't have a great suggestion for a tie-breaker. I do like keeping tied periods tied and then have a sudden death OT if the periods are 1-1-1 or 0-0-3.

    Updating the uniform to rash guard and fight short is a great idea. I would be able to buy a replica of Jordan Burroughs uniform and wear it to the gym. I am not going to buy a replica singlet and wear it anywhere. My wife hates watching wrestling at all levels because the singlets often reveal way too much of the downstairs area.

    I do think major overhaul of the FS rules is a bad idea. Trying to promote scoring leads to bastardizing the rules and warping the sport in an attempt to please people that will never be fans. At this level you are going to have some boring defensive matches, as long as they are mixed in with a good number of exciting matches we should leave it alone.

    Greco however, is a different story. While I watched very few matches, I even found the highlights boring. I wonder if Greco and FS are combined in most people wathcing the sport and the issues with Greco make them generalize the issues across both sports.
    Greco needs a major overhaul or needs to be dropped. I thought about having a rules where you can only score points through offensive moves or counters, meaning that if some one tries a back arching throws and flops to their back there are no poitns scored and they are back on their feet, this is similar to the Judo is scored and it encourages taking risks and trying to score.

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    As I think I said before, there are strengths and weaknesses to the best of 3 format... but the rules of freestyle do need to be simplified and made less confusing.

    In greco, there is unfortunately no incentive to score big points at present. There are tons of sucessful lifts in par terre, but the offensive guy will usually walk to the out of bounds and do a 1 pt throiw instead of trying for the more risky 3 or 5. Standing Greco will never be terribly exciting IMO- it's just too hard to score on a world class opponent. I think we might need to go back to the old format for greco. Perhaps instead of passivities, you can start on top after a pushout?

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    Ive heard talk of going back to 2 x 3 min periods with pushouts being worth 1, takedowns 2, exposure 3, takedown to back, 4 and 5 points for grand amplitude.

    Andy Hrovat also offered up the idea of having a 15 sec "shot clock" after a takedown happens. Once the takedown occurs, the top wrestler has 15 secs to get a turn no matter what. Adds a sense of urgency when a takedown occurs and allows time to make a turn happen.


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