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    Big 10's Tv schedule

    anyone know the BIG 10 tournament television schedule? whos covering it? how much is being televised?
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    Re: What does wrestling need to be "Saved"?

    saved? ever been to nationals? there are a lot of fans in the stands. many schools. in the bigger picture of wrestling, personally I think more people would follow wrestling after college if was...
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    Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    Mc Donough 2010 National champ, 2011 2nd in the nation. Career record at Iowa 64-3. One loss this year to Jessie Delgado in SV, and a SV win over Nico Magaludis. I didn't get to see the match against...
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    Re: Cael's Assistant coaches

    Wow. I dind't mean to bring up a debate about Cael, but look what this tread has turned into. I just got a picture sent to me from my brother labeled confrontation. The picture took place during...
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    Cael's Assistant coaches

    Who were Cael's assistant coaches when he was the head coach at Iowa State?
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    Re: The Truth about Cael ? By Willyman on DI

    If Cael wanted the job so bad at ISU to give the AD at ISU an ultimatum, either a head coaching job or leave. I got to think Cael taking the job at ISU he knew that would mean firing Bobby. Out of...
  7. Re: NCAA tournament performance vs. seed 1999-2011

    it would be interesting to see the average seeding postions of each school with these rankings.
  8. Re: Seeding - The cry like a beeyach thread

    Is it true this is the the six-member panel? Cornell athletics director J. Andrew Noel Jr., Oklahoma State senior associate athletics director David Martin, Central Michigan senior associate...
  9. Re: Seeding - The cry like a beeyach thread

    anyone know who is on the seeding comitee?
  10. Re: Will another wrestler EVER have been more vilified than...

    I just went to the NCAA wrestling site and watched the video about seeding. They base it off:

    1.) Head to head
    2.) Qualifying event placement
    3.) Quality wins
    4.) Result against common...
  11. Re: Will another wrestler EVER have been more vilified than...

    Found this on another wrestling site, couldn't of said it better myself: I make no argument that Robles is great. He's outstanding and has been dominant, but just like in college football, who you...
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    Re: Predict the first #1 seed to fall?

    have to agree with the Caldwell prediction, with the bad sholder.
  13. Re: Will another wrestler EVER have been more vilified than...

    Both not very classy imo.
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    Re: So is McD the 1 seed?

    I think we all agree on one thing. The top three guys at this weight class stand out far above anyone else, without question. yes even the undefeated Nicholson who was ranked #7 and lost to Quiroga...
  15. Re: Will another wrestler EVER have been more vilified than...

    they definitely set the stage for it to happen. Still cant believe the returning national champ got a 2 seed. even though Robels is undefeated. Mc D's only loss comes to the #3 guy in the nation,...
  16. Re: 2011 Big Ten Wrestling Tournament - Championships Brackets, Results, Pre-Seed Posted

    undefeated this season in duals = below the radar?
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    Re: TWT Gold and Black

    looks much better in black and gold.
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