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    Re: Thoughts on Finals

    174 I should have been happy with Brown at second, but I felt like he should have won, or more specifically Perry didn't do much of anything to win (you'll notice a trend here). I think the...
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    Re: B1G brackets

    BTW--what happened to Storley? Is there any inside word? Was he sick, injured or just have a bad tournament? I suspect we'll see a different Storley at the NCAA's.[/QUOTE]

    Everything I'm...
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    Re: Alan Waters new #1 at 125!

    Having been at the match Saturday night, you may rethink that comment about McD's mindset. Waters hit the early takedown and with the amount of riding time he accrued, there was no doubt about who...
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    Re: Beavers vs Gophers

    RJ Pena ran an arm bar on Danny Z that was one of the best I've ever seen. Incredibly tight.
    Schiller might not be as good as Minny fans think
    Hanke out wrestled Nelson.....[/QUOTE]

    Was at the...
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    Re: Eric Grajales INJ

    Sorry, not sure how that happened but it posted two different revisions. That's a first I've had that.
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    Re: Eric Grajales INJ

    That is very true.....but I would consider getting your ankle darn near snapped by a future UFC title contender and finishing the match equal to (if not far more "gutsy") than M* standing in a...
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    Re: Eric Grajales INJ

    That is very true.....but I would consider getting your ankle darn near snapped by a future UFC title contender and finishing the match equal to (if not far more "gutsy") than M* standing in a...
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    Re: Eric Grajales INJ

    J Jaggers begs to differ. And by the way, did I miss something.....did DSJ beat Dake and now we're calling him "the champ?"
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    Re: Thorn pins Bonanno

    I had heard that as well, but after seeing a leaner yet bigger Storley.....don't see it happening. I've been a little "out of pocket" with all the updates, but is Ruth officially up to 184? If so,...
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    Re: MN Heavyweight Nelson

    Had a friends wedding in Rochester a few years back when Tony and his class were RS'ing. They were in town helping with the Christmas Tournament there and even though I'm an unabashed Gopher fan,...
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    Re: WTF is BIG?

    Sorry so late to the "What ever happened to Big?" party, but I every once find my self wondering what happened to him. Around the time this site was created (and thank goodness for that!) I was far...
  12. Re: Dake is lucky he never has to face this guy

    OK, this will fall into the "I heard from some insiders......." catagory with no real validated proof but here goes: The two things that kept coming out about ML is that (1)he could compete and in...
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    Re: DT v Dake at All Star Match!

    Taylor is ridiculously talented....we all know that. However, there is something about Dake when the "Bright Lights are On." If all else fails, Dake can hit an inside cradle on him....seemed to...
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    Re: Ohio State vs. Minnesota

    Just wanted to throw in my thoughts after attending the match yesterday. I would have posted earlier but I had to rush to catch a flight to Denver for this work trip.....hey, did you guys hear about...
  15. Re: Glad to have TWT back up and running. . .

    Yeah, well the rules do suck and so do you!

    /looks around wondering if that's the protocol here?!?

    Kidding of course. I couldn't agree more that Flowrestling is great but the posters are the...
  16. Re: Who is your breakout wrestler(s) for this upcoming season?

    Wow did I have that backwards.....not sure what I was thinking there, either way B'fiel was unimpressive. Thanks for the clarification. I apparently must have gotten into some of the Dos Equis's...
  17. Re: Who is your breakout wrestler(s) for this upcoming season?


    I remember a couple years back getting really excited when rumors seemed to show that MN was in the hunt for Benefiel after he was out at Northwestern. That obviously did not happen....
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    Re: Dallas Bailey

    Having spent time in Stillwater way too many years ago to mention, I would answer your question as thus: Hot blond girls.....they are in abundance!!

    I know more than a few "rancher's daughter"...
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    Re: Andrew Long Charged with Rape

    I personally enjoyed your play on words there. It was better than the "Lawyer (ahem)-measuring contest" reference I was going to go with. That said, I admire that there are some individuals on here...
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    Re: Jacob Schlottke Memorial Fund

    After some time away from the board I was really looking forward to getting caught up on any wrestling information I missed......I was shocked to discover this. My interaction with Jake was limited,...
  21. Re: Most Insane Wrestling Move I Have Ever Seen

    Just got back to the office after an appointment to get my vehicle serviced....while I was in waiting area ESPN put it up against the current "Best of the Best" play which was Kerry Wood's behind the...
  22. Joe Russell to be Head Coach at George Mason

    Not sure if this has been mentioned on the site here:
    InterMat - George Mason announces hiring of Russell as coach

    As a Gopher fan, I have mixed feelings on this. Great for Russell and for...
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    Re: Roger Kish Named NDSU Head Coach

    Personally, I'm very happy for Kish and feel he'll do a tremendous job. For a guy who was a little "chippy" from time to time on the mat, you couldn't ask for a nicer person off it. He has always...
  24. Re: Iowa returning to National Duals, PSU not attending

    Agreed, I was a little confused when I checked out the groups and saw the Gopher's are going to be at the one hosted by Rutgers. I could be reading into this a bit too much, but it seemed like there...
  25. Re: 2011 Cliff Keen National Duals: Brackets/Results/Discussion

    Hello all, long time away from the board other than the usual review every could days to get caught up on the happenings nationwide (thanks so much for that.....and constant work travel sucks!) Was...
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