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  1. 2013-2014 Central Michigan University Chippewa's Wrestling Schedule

    The Chippewas' slate includes eight home duals with meets against Missouri, Stanford and Michigan State.
    Wrestling Announces 2013-14 Schedule
    Courtesy: CMU Athletic Communications
  2. Central Michigan Seeks 1st Assistant Wrestling Coach

    First Assistant Wrestling Coach-Central Michigan UniversityCentral Michigan University, an FBS member of the Mid-American Conference, is seeking applications for an assistant wrestling coach....
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    Brandon Buckley Cal Poly On Takedown Radio

    Head Coach Brandon Buckley on Takedown Radio. You will need quick time or a similiar program to run the audio. The link is below.Takedown Media - Powered By RevWrestling
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    Scotti Sentes on Takedown Radio

    Scotti did an interview on Takedown Radio. You need quicktime to run the video or something similiar. The link is below:Takedown Media - Powered By RevWrestling
  5. Re: Scotti Sentes New Assistant Coach at Cal Poly

    Thanks Everyone. Scotti hit the mats and the team is working hard. He loves the area and school and is looking forwarding to the season.
  6. Scotti Sentes New Assistant Coach at Cal Poly

    Cal Poly Hires Scotti Sentes as Assistant Wrestling Coach

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. -- Scotti Sentes, a two-time...
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    Re: New And Updated Multiple Time AAs

    Sentes 2x All American 125 and 133. 4 x national qualifier. All American as a true freshman 125 7th.
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    Re: Thoughts on Des Moines as the Host City

    I thought the town was great and the facility and staff were very nice. I also thought that some matches were affected by the lack of room on the outside. Folks were sitting taking pictures and the...
  9. Re: Who is going to NCAAs in Des Moines? Anyone up for a TWT meet up?

    The old Florida swamp buggy made it to Des Moines Wednesday. Getting ready for the first round. We picked the American Pickers stores in Nashville and Iowa on the way. It was a blast. Iowa store the...
  10. Re: Who is going to NCAAs in Des Moines? Anyone up for a TWT meet up?

    We are coming up in the South Florida Four Wheel Drive Everglades Swamp Truck. Want to test it out on those snowy roads. Damn I was hoping we were going to be able to get a photo of Danielle. Oh well...
  11. Re: Who is going to NCAAs in Des Moines? Anyone up for a TWT meet up?

    We are coming from South Florida and driving up. Cindy and I will be picking all the way and hope to stop by the American Pickers Store in Nashville and on the way out stop at the Iowa store. Going...
  12. Watch MAC Wrestling Championships Live Video Stream Sunday

    Watch MAC Wrestling Championships Live Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at the link below:Live Streaming
  13. No. 11 Chippewas Earn 12th Straight Over Michigan State, 27-10 Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
  14. Chippewas Close Out West Coast Trip with Pair of Wins Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
  15. Central Michigan defeats Eastern Michigan 31-6

    Central Michigan defeats EMU 31-6 santos ยป Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:03 am
    MOUNT PLEASANT - Central Michigan closed its...
  16. No. 11 Chippewas Dominate Kent State for Share of MAC Title

    No. 11 Chippewas Dominate Kent State for Share of MAC Title
    Courtesy: Kyle Kelley/CMU Athletics
    Release: 01/27/2013

    MOUNT PLEASANT - Central Michigan claimed at least a share of the...
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    Re: Merry Christmas Friends!!!

    Happy holidays to all! Best wishes to everyone for a great New Year!
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    What is Really Important

    No Quit!....
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    Re: Jouneyman N/E duals

    You can listen live on ESPN Radio at: 1160AM ESPN Ithaca#

    Cornell vs CMU right now
  20. Great Video Central Michigan University Season Preview Interviews with Borrelli and Trice

    Great Video of Central Michigan University Season Preview and Interviews with Coach Tom Borrelli and J. Trice. Go to the link below and click....

  21. Central Michigan University Coach Borrelli and Scotti Sentes Interview;SPSID=46361

    Click on link when page comes up look to right of page and push play button over Wrestling Insider
  22. Thread: Florida

    by Santos

    Re: Florida

    3 former Florida High School State Champions made the Olympic Free Style Team this year. Thats a darn good percentage. Over the past 25 years Florida wrestling has improved dramatically.
  23. Thread: Florida

    by Santos

    Re: Florida

    Fort Myers Riverdale High School. Great coach. Finishing new wrestling facility. Close to beaches. Has large youth program. Lots of travel to national events. Great fishing. IB Program in HS....
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    Re: Best Collegiate Singlets

    Central Michigan University Chippewas! I love the wrestlers name on the back of the singlet. Cool and innovative.....
  25. Thread: Cmu/msu 21-12

    by Santos

    Re: Cmu/msu 21-12

    Central is starting a number of true freshman this year. I think with the redshirts returning next year Central could have a very special year. With the youngsters competing this year CMU is creating...
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