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  1. Crab Ride

    Started by ThePurplePride, 11-25-2009 09:07 PM
    crab, crab ride, crab ride folkstyle wrestling, crab ride in wrestling, crab ride troy letters, crab ride wrestling, crab ride wrestling move, crab riding wrestling, crabride, crabride wrestling, effective crab riding, grappling crab ride, gut claw, how to crab ride, how to crab ride in wrestling, how to crab ride wrestling, how to do a spiral ride in wrestling, how to teach the wrestling crabride, is the crab ride good, jantzen crab ride, jantzen ride wrestling, jesse jantzen crab ride, jesse jantzen power half nelson, jesse jantzen ride, jesse jantzen techniques, junk, moves from crab ride wrestling, perfecting the crab ride in wrestling, ride, ride crab styles, spiral ride wrestling, technique wrestling crab ride videos, the crab ride wrestling ve, videos of jesse jantzen, what are the advantages of a crab ride wrestling, what is crab riding in wrestling, what is the best wrestling ride, whats a crab ride, who did crab ride a lot, who is a wrestler that uses the crab ride, wrestle crab riding, wrestler with the best crab ride, wrestlers who use crab ride, wrestling crab ride, wrestling crab ride moves, wrestling crab ride stack, wrestling crab riding, wrestling crabride, wrestling how to ride, wrestlings best crab rider
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    Last Post: 03-23-2010 05:09 AM
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  2. Setups

    Started by ThePurplePride, 01-31-2010 01:23 PM
    outside single setups, setups for sweep single, wrestling - head outside single - set-ups
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    Last Post: 02-02-2010 10:50 PM
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  3. The underhook

    Started by ThePurplePride, 01-20-2010 10:43 PM
    stronger underhook
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    Last Post: 01-29-2010 06:24 PM
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  4. Single leg crackdown Q

    Started by ThePurplePride, 01-07-2010 12:55 AM
    crack down single leg, crackdown high crotch youtube, finishing a single leg from a crackdown, high crotch crackdown finishes, single leg crackdow, wresling mat talk crack down
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    Last Post: 01-19-2010 02:11 PM
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  5. Ankle pick tips?

    Started by ThePurplePride, 12-08-2009 10:29 PM
    ankle pick, ankle pick best, ankle pick for young wrestlers, ankle pick from underhook, ankle pick setup, ankle pick setups, ankle pick smiths, ankle pick technique, ankle pick the wrestling talk, ankle pick tips, ankle pick wrestling, ankle pick wrestling move, ankle pick wrestling talk, ankle picks, ankle picks without collar tie, basic wrestling ankle pick, best ankle pick, best set up to an ankle pick, cross ankle pick wrestling technique, high school wrestling ankle pick moves, how do you block an ankle pick in wrestling, how to ankle pick wrestling, how to do an ankle pick, how to do an ankle pick in wrestling, how to set up an ankle pick, how to set up ankle pick, junk, knee pick wrestling talk, steps on ankle pick wrestling move, the ankle pick, tips to ankle pick, training the ankle pick, underhook ankle pick, underhook collar tie, whats an ankle pick, wrestlign anklepick, wrestling ankle pick, wrestling ankle pick fake, wrestling ankle pick tips, wrestling ankle picks, wrestling down block, wrestling downblock, wrestling move ankle pick, wrestling talk forums underhook ankle pick
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    Last Post: 01-07-2010 05:01 AM
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  6. Kbell workouts and where to buy

    Started by ThePurplePride, 10-20-2009 01:26 PM
    buy, kbell, kbell workouts, workouts
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    Last Post: 10-21-2009 08:45 AM
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  7. Olympic Lifts?

    Started by ThePurplePride, 09-15-2009 12:58 AM
    2 day basic olympic lifting routine, 2 day olympic lifting routine, 2 day olympic lifting split for wrestling, 2 day split olympic lifting for wrestling, 3 day olympic lifting program split, 3 day olympic lifting split, 5x5 olympic lifts, are olympic lifts good for wrestling, how to incorporate olympic lifts, incorporating olympic lifts, lifts, offseason wrestling olympic lifts, olympic, olympic ;lifts for wrestling, olympic lifting 3 day split, olympic lifting and wrestling, olympic lifting for wrestling, olympic lifting program for wrestling, olympic lifting wrestling, olympic lifts, olympic lifts for wrestlers, olympic lifts for wrestling, olympic lifts in 5x5, olympic lifts in wrestling, olympic lifts program for wrestlers, olympic lifts workout for grappling, olympic lifts wrestling, olympic weightlifting program for wrestling, olympic weightlifting routine 5x5, olympic wrestling olympic lifts, olympiclifts, should wrestlers use olympic lifts, olympic
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    Last Post: 10-08-2009 06:37 PM
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  8. westside 4 skinny bastards

    Started by ThePurplePride, 06-11-2009 12:07 AM
    bastards, skinny, westside, westside 4 skinny bastards, westside 4 skinny bastards tips, westside for skinny bastards 3 wrestling, westside for skinny bastards for wrestlers, westside for skinny bastards results, westside for skinny bastards wrestling, westside for skinny bastards wrestling version, wrestling westside for skinny bastards
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    Last Post: 09-26-2009 10:22 AM
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  9. Weight Cutting

    Started by ThePurplePride, 09-02-2009 07:47 AM
    2 Pages
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    cutting, weight
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    Last Post: 09-03-2009 03:31 PM
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  10. Endurance Workout Log

    Started by ThePurplePride, 06-07-2009 01:27 AM
    3 Pages
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    endurance, endurance workout for wrestling, endurance workout log, log, powered by vbulletin workout exercises, workout, workout log for endurance
    • Replies: 21
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    Last Post: 09-02-2009 08:12 PM
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  11. working out on an empty stomach

    Started by ThePurplePride, 07-20-2009 09:09 PM
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    am working out on an empty stomach, catabolism and working out on an emty stomach, empty, exercising on empty stomach raises blood sugar, hate having a full stomach, how to reverse the sideeffect banana empty stomach, is working out on an empty stomach good, junk, stomach, working, working on an empty stomach, working out empty stomach, working out on an empty stomach, working out on an empty stomach raise blood sugar levels, working out on empty stomach blood sugar increase, workout on empty wrestle, wrestling on an empty stomach
    • Replies: 11
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    Last Post: 08-27-2009 09:57 PM
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  12. Sleep

    Started by ThePurplePride, 08-02-2009 09:44 AM
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    Last Post: 08-02-2009 05:34 PM
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  13. Mouthguards

    Started by ThePurplePride, 07-12-2009 01:03 AM
    best mouth guards for wrestling, best mouthguard for wrestling, best mouthguards for wrestling, best wrestling mouthguards, mouthguards, the best wrestling mouthguard
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 07-13-2009 01:57 PM
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