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  1. What NCAA hwt champs 1928-60 weighed: Photos & facts

    How much does a college heavyweight wrestler actually weigh?

    Nowadays, competitors must tip the scales somewhere between 197 and 285 pounds. (The official name of the weight class is 285.)

  2. "Foxcatcher" release delayed til "sometime in 2014"; brief trailer now on YouTube

    Foxcatcher, the much-anticipated movie about wrestling brothers Mark and Dave Schultz originally scheduled to debut at the AFI Fest in Hollywood on Nov. 8 and in limited release on Dec. 20, will now...
  3. Foxcatcher debut at AFI Fest Nov 8; NY/LA on Dec 20

    There’s good news and bad news about the opening of the highly anticipated “Foxcatcher” movie about wrestling brothers Mark and Dave Schultz, announced for Dec. 20.

    First, the bad news, from Mark...
  4. 3 Darton wrestlers hospitalized, 1 critical, from heat-caused illness

    Three wrestlers from Darton State College in Georgia were hospitalized after suffering heat-related illnesses during outdoor workouts, with one remaining in critical condition, according to various...
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    Re: Best Cowboys of all time

    Any list that does not include Dick Hutton (veryveryclose to becoming the first-ever four-time champ), Earl McCready (first-ever three-time champ, one of only two men to win his three title matches...
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    Re: The 1st Iowan to win Olympic gold

    Very strange, as both Allie Morrison and Glen Brand earned their gold medals before Bill Smith, in 1928 and 1948, respectively...

    But, Kyle's in Iowa and runs a museum, and I'm out in in...
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    The 1st Iowan to win Olympic gold

    Who was the first Iowa wrestler to win an Olympic gold medal? You might be surprised!

    InterMat Wrestling - Allie Morrison: Golden boy of 1928 Olympics
  8. Channing Tatum to play Dave Schultz in "Foxcatcher" movie

    An amateur wrestling match is over in minutes... but it takes months, if not years, to make a mat movie.

    Here are some updates about some in-the-works wrestling movies that have been the subject...
  9. Video: '62 NCAA finals; '67 hwt finals with Curley Culp

    For fans of old-school college wrestling, here are two articles focused on b/w films of NCAA finals from 45-50 years ago:

    > 1962 NCAA finals: What college wrestling looked like 50 years ago: 1962...
  10. RIP Max Pearson, 3x Big Ten champ @ Michigan

    Max Pearson, 3x Big Ten champion and 2x NCAA runner-up in the 1950s for the University of Michigan, died just before Christmas at age 78. Our prayers to his family, friends and teammates at Michigan...
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    Re: RIP Jacob Schlottke

    Stunning, sad news, especially for those of us who had no idea of his off-the-mat battle. Jacob did so much to promote the sport and make it easy for participants and fans to communicate and share. ...
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    Re: Doug Blubaugh Tribute @ InterMat

    I look forward to reading YOUR tribute, then

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    Doug Blubaugh Tribute @ InterMat

    Blubaugh Tribute

    Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler. NCAA mat champ. Long-time wrestling coach and clinician. Doug Blubaugh was all these things ... and much more. Sadly, the legendary...
  14. Ex Central Missouri wrestler/coach on CBS' "Amazing Race"

    Gary Ervin, a former wrestler and coach at the University of Central Missouri, is one of the contestants on the new season of the popular CBS TV series The Amazing Race which debuted Sunday night.
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    15 Years Ago Today...

    Fifteen years ago today -- Jan. 26, 1996 -- U.S. freestyle wrestler and coach Dave Schultz was murdered by multimillionaire John du Pont at his Foxcatcher estate in Newtown Square, Pa. outside...
  16. Mount Union wrestling team bus wreck: 1 killed, 4 injured

    Please pray for the friends and family of Daniel Gorman, and the entire University of Mount Union...

    A bus transporting the University of Mount Union wrestling team collided with a snow plow in...
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    Re: Tremendous news: MOJO Elected to HOF


    Congratulations on this honor! Well-deserved for your accomplishments on the mat, as well as being a hall-of-fame quality individual who does so much for the sport with everything he says...
  18. Former wrestler seeking materials for planned Larry Owings documentary

    Larry Owings, former University of Washington wrestler best known as The Man Who Beat Gable, has been the subject of many articles, interviews and even a book. But there hasn't been a film made...
  19. Univ of Minnesota All-American Garth Lappin dead at 89

    Garth Lappin, outstanding University of Minnesota wrestler in the 1940s, wrestling coach at Anoka High School in the 1950s, and actively involved in the promotion of amateur wrestling in the state...
  20. 10 Yrs Ago: Gardner upset Karelin to win gold @ 2000 Olympics

    Ten years ago today -- September 27, 2000 -- a Wyoming dairy farmer scored one of the biggest upsets in sports history by defeating a three-time Olympic gold medalist wrestler.

    That night, Rulon...
  21. 50 years ago: McCann, Wilson, Blubaugh win gold @ 1960 Olympics

    Most Americans who traveled to Rome this summer were on vacation. They went to see the landmarks such as the Sistine Chapel, the Colesseum, Trevi Fountain ... to savor the cuisine ... and soak up...
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    Re: Happy Birthday JensenS!!!

    Best birthday wishes, Shane. Thanks for all you do for this website, and for wrestling.

  23. Iowa State's Hilton Coliseum under water as floodwaters hit Ames, central Iowa

    Severe flooding in central Iowa has claimed at least one life, closed a major interstate highway, interrupted water supplies to thousands of residents, and left James H Hilton Coliseum -- the home to...
  24. Re: Jacob Volkmann at crossroads for Sunday's UFC fight

    Jacob Volkmann can rest a bit easier now.

    Yesterday, the three-time NCAA All-American wrestler had plenty to worry about -- a past-due mortgage, a growing family, a struggling chiropractic...
  25. Jacob Volkmann at crossroads for Sunday's UFC fight

    Jacob Volkmann has the weight of the world resting on his shoulders.

    As Kevin Iole wrote in his Yahoo! Sports column late last week, "He?s behind on his mortgage, he has a child and another on the...
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