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    Re: JROB reprimanded by Big 10

    I can't believe this is the issue in question from this dual when, in the David Taylor match, the "homer ref" (from Apple Valley) who clearly saw Mincey (also from Apple Valley) grab the mat ......
  2. Re: #3 Penn State (PSU) vs. #4 Minnesota (MN) Predictions/Discussion/Results

    Watch the replay on BTN ... pay close attention during the Taylor/Mincey match ... Mincey grabs the edge of the mat in the first period, I believe, as Taylor tries to haul him back in, easy to see...
  3. Re: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

    Sorry about the 133, Zapp ... missed that, Ooops. Look, Iowa took what four shots and scored on two of them from 133 - 149. I guess we will just have to call All that offense, 'counter-offense'. ...
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    Re: Campolattano to Wrestle in College

    I hope he takes another good long look at Rutgers. Simaz is a junior at Cornelland Kennedy is a junior at Lehigh, so he would fit in rather nicely at either school. PSU will probably be fine...
  5. Re: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

    Zapp, Go back and watch the Jordan Oliver match ... and count the total amount of time allowed during the stalemates ... with the clock running for the first two periods. Now I understand Oliver did...
  6. Re: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

    125 McDonough WBF Cashera (6-0 Iowa)
    133 Long dec. Ramos (6-3 Iowa)
    141 Alton dec. Marion (6-6)
    149 Molinaro MD Ballweg, (10-6 PSU)
    157 Taylor MD St. John, (14-6 PSU)
    165 Janssen dec. Kemmerer,...
  7. Re: 2010/2011 Big Ten Network Wrestling Broadcast Schedule

    That's because, while they continue to air the, mostly unwatchable, first 35 minutes of every scholastic basketball game ever played, 24/7, they have decided to cut down two complete days of some the...
  8. Re: 2011 Virginia Duals: Brackets/Predictions/Results/Discussion

    Lehigh got jobbed ... Obviously they win the dual with any normal outcome in the Hatchett "knock-yourself-out" match, BUT ... Michigan stalls at every weight, they stall by design ... they tried it...
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    Re: Caldwell on the MAT NOW !!

    I heard a rumor that I hope isn't true ...

    that Caldwell ducked Dake at the So. Scuffle.

    I was told he weighed in for the Scuffle and later decided not to wrestle ...

    Any cred ?
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    Re: Everything Penn State Wrestling

    Lehigh 29 Pitt 7

    Zanetta (PITT) 17-4 Berger (LU) 4-0
    Cagnina (LU) 12-4 Mack (PITT) 4-4
    Dutton (LU) 15-2 M. Tully (PITT) 8-4
    Napoli (LU) 5-1 D. Johnson (PITT) 11-4
    Bilodeau (LU) ...
  11. Re: Lehigh v. Drexel: Results/Discussion

    I screwed up the Drexel Line-up earlier, it should read:

    149 - J. Napoli (LU) A. Sommer (DU) 3-2 tb1 (18-0) [close call/non-call at the end]
    157 - S. Bilodeau (LU) WBF C. Aungst (DU) ? (24-0)
  12. Re: Lehigh v. Drexel: Results/Discussion

    125 - M. Berger (LU) won by forfeit (DU) (6-0)
    133 - F. Cagnina (LU) F. Cimato (DU) 16-4 (10-0)
    141 - J. Dutton (LU) J. Yurasits (DU) 16-0 (15-0)
    149 - J. Napoli (LU) C. Aungst (DU) 3-2...
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    Re: Any room in any if the leagues?

    How do we start a new league?
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    Re: Penn State Wrestle Off Results

    Alton WBF at an earlier wrestle-off in the room?

    Same with Sherlock v. Pearsall
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    Re: Any room in any if the leagues?

    I would like to join a league as well.
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    Re: Rules 2010-2011

    Is the league still open? How do I join? When is the Draft?
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