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  1. Re: The Difference Between Division I/II/III/NAIA

    It's really subjective to me. I've seen times when both thoughts hold true. Terrence Almond placed 4th at the NAIA nationals last season. In the process he beat C.J. Ettleson once during the...
  2. Poll: Re: Will Schlatter show up against Metcalf?

    This whole dual meet is going to be a treat. I'm disappointed it isn't in Iowa City this year.

    197 might be a little boring, but other than that, there won't be a boring match all night.

    125 -...
  3. If I could have one request of Brent Metcalf

    Please, please, please keep up your intensity and fire on the mat the next two years. I beg of you to not win a national championship and then shut yourself off and wrestle conservative in fear of...
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    Re: Caption This....

    Herbert: (whimper) my wrist doesn't bend that way...
    Varner: (whimper) neither does my spleen
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    Re: BEST at 157?

    Hasn't CP had a little trouble with a guy from Pittsburgh?
  6. Re: Caption this photo from the Iowa-Iowa State meet

    Bertolino: Say Uncle!
    Beatty: Unc.............le!
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    Re: Caption This

    Cael: You're name is pronounced Khye-Ler? With a Ka, Ka sound?
    Cyler: (sighes deeply)
    Cael: I always thought it was Cy-ler like in Cy-clone.
    Cyler:(Sighes again)
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    I haven't gone anywhere guys

    I got an email today saying that the boards missed me and wanted me to come back. I don't think I've been gone and away that long, but apparently maybe I have. Not sure who sent me the message, but...
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    Re: Reiter vs. Ruggirello All Star

    I think this match shows and says a lot for either wrestler.

    If Reiter wins, it shows us that the Mack of the past, the one that took 4th twice at the NCAA's is back! Remember that Ruggirello...
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    Re: You may want to read this

    Actually bud, we were both wrong. It's Renowned.
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    You may want to read this

    Some of you know and some of you may not know, but I recently got a job as a freelance writer for It is an honor and a privilage to write for such a renouned and prestigious...
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    Re: Cyclone Open finals results

    Kind of a low blow on Castillo, there, don't ya think? MAC Champ and the guy that knocked off Luke Eustice at the Midlands two years ago. Potential All American. Fanthrope barely beats him that's...
  13. Re: 2007/2008 Sig & Avatar Bet Thread

    I make so many damn "out on a limb" predictions every year I can not think of which one to put out there on a sig bet.

    Just for the simple fact that I've been predicting Gabriel Dretsch an All...
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    Re: Iowa State wrestle off results

    I wasn't trying to imply that you thought that, it's just that I've known Aaron a very long time and realize the amount of physical work he has put into become a varsity starter for the Iowa State...
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    Re: Who could have thought?

    I actually Can See Gillispie winning 157 although I don't think that he will. I say this because he's not a wrestler that relies heavily on his strength. Usually wrestlers who do, don't fair as...
  16. Re: 07-08 PreSeason All American Predictions

    I don't even know who's going what weight or anything of the sort. I just wrote these up for the fun of it and will probably change my mind, as the season progresses, around 100 times.

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    Re: Iowa State wrestle off results

    Cyler Sanderson dec Aaron Scott 3-2 in there wrestle off. I wouldn't quite call that "Not standing a chance".

    I'd love to see Scott get to make varsity this year and qualify for nationals. ...
  18. Re: NAIA preseason team and individual wrestling rankings

    Hardly any respect for Northwestern College

    Jordan Keckler ought to be ranked. He was 8th place last year. An All American, ought to be ranked in the top 8.

    It's complete idiocy that Andrew...
  19. List of Successful College & High School Wrestlers from Texas

    What I need: List of Successful collegiate wrestlers who wrestled high school in the State of Texas and their accomplishments on the collegiate level.

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    Re: Any Witt Durden Fans?

    Hey, thanks for the support guys. I appreciate it. Look for more great articles by myself and many gifted writers @ The
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    Any Witt Durden Fans?

    If so, I wrote a article on him.
  22. Re: 6 things that are good for wrestling

    Hey buddy, thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Look for a "Where Are They Now" article by me on former Oklahoma Sooner Witt Durden, in the near future at
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    Re: Kurt Angle DUI

    Angle didn't join the WWE in 1991, they're about 6-6 1/2 years off on that. He didn't join until late 1997 or early 1998.
  24. Re: Dan Gable, Tom Brands, Cael Sanderson, Tim Hartung: Caption This!

    Hartung: His shirt IS Gold!
    Gable: NO, my shirt is Gold, his shirt is Yellow!
    Sanderson: You obviously don't know your colors then!
    Brands: Ya..ya..ya...Yellow!
    Referee: Hey guys, it doesn't...
  25. Re: University of Iowa Wrestling Line-up

    Tom Brands doesn't have any other streaks but mean does he? With Mike Zadick and Jessman Smith, in the room as well, I don't see how anyone on the Iowa team could go out and wrestle without a mean...
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