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    Stieber Single Leg Finish?

    Hi there. A while back a coach (I believe on Flowrestling) posted an instructional video showing how Stieber finishes a single leg when the two wrestlers are on the mat and the opponent has a wizzer...
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    Wrestling in Cuba

    I recently had a long conversation with friends of mine who were Olympians for Colombia, and world reps from PR and Argentina. They had the opportunity to train in Cuba for a few months, so I figured...
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    Re: Saitiev vs Askren?

    suggestion / question -- it is obvious that b saitiev has lost a little bit of speed. even in the past, the times he's been scored on have occured because people are getting in on his legs. i do not...
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    Re: Muz to wrestle in USA vs Belarus meet

    no. you are the one who's assuming that i'm assuming. unlike your fat self, i know. as a matter of fact, he had been training for MMA up until recent.
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    Re: Muz to wrestle in USA vs Belarus meet

    keep in mind Muz lives in Wash, DC. although he trains with a d1 program, there is absolutely no one there training for the international circuit.... other than vering (greco)
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    Re: My picks for team USA in the 08 Olympics

    fine, i accept my mistake.

    96 - Cormier will go -- 5th
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    My picks for team USA in the 08 Olympics

    55 - Abas/Henson ? 3rd
    60 - does not matter - dnp
    66 - Kolat ? 3rd
    74 - Askren ? 3rd
    84 - does not matter - dnp
    96 - does not matter - dnp
    hwt - mocco ? 2nd

    by the way, i'm never wrong.
  8. Re: Arbitrator suspends Greco-Roman wrestler Joe Warren for two years

    who are your sources? obviously i am not asking you to reveal names. but did you receive info from teammates? trainers?
  9. Re: Who had the best single leg (with the head on the inside)???

    you're right. since tom wrestled with a left foot lead, he could demolish right foot lead opponent with head inside singles.

    by the way, someone should post tom's match against the russian from...
  10. Re: Who had the best single leg (with the head on the inside)???

    i wouldn't go as far as saying 'the best ever'.... but in the US, rihgt now, Donny Pritzlaff has the best single. when he can get that shot going, it's hard to stop him.

    here is a good source for...
  11. Re: Olympics: Russians are not leaving anything to chance!

    i trained with a woman world champ. her technique was outstanding, conditioning, and flexibility as well. her lower body was very powerful, but her upperbody strenght was way way way inferior. i'm...
  12. Thread: Quintana

    by COL66

    Re: Quintana

    quintana's toughest opponent is the scale. i have heard his weight gets waaaaay out of control. my buddies trained in camaguey before the pan-ams, and said quintana had a full belly just about a...
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    just stating the obvious....

    with the coming of the new year, i started to think about what ive done this year, and realized.... a year is a loooong time... a lot of things can and do happen.
  14. Re: Bormet, Duroe, Kemp, McCoy and Rosselli named finalists for U.S. Olympic Freestyle

    hmmm, i hate to be a downer, but it seems like we can come up with better candidates than those. listen to a. belaglazov's interview on flowrestling. he insists that a coach's success as a competitor...
  15. Re: 2007 world champ Ramazan Shahin/Irbaihanov - 15 months earlier

    i would just like to reiterate my sentiments towards mr. big....
    big, you are a joke.

    what does cejudo's match have to do with your fat self?

    also, why do you always split your retarded...
  16. Re: Who Should Coach USA Freestyle in the Olympics???

    really, quick?
    you are a big believer in watching films???

    i didnt know that.
    haha. i kid i kid. thanks to you, i don't need friends.
    all i need is a computer and your youtube account.
  17. Who Should Coach USA Freestyle in the Olympics???

    i saw an article which states the search for a coach has started. who do you guys think should lead USA freestyle in china???
  18. Re: YouTube : Amateur Wrestling, College, Freestyle, Greco Videos

    quick, you are a solid dude

    big, you are a joke
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    Re: Favorite Wrestling Matches

    are you sure about that??? i knew he fought once. but i dont think he's been doing it full time.
    i thought he was injured. i know he had a torn pec muscle at one point.
  20. Re: CSKA Team Cup in Russia in December will be worth $200K

    hahahah. really??? he missed weight again??? hahah.

    some of my friends trained in cuba, back in july .they told me they saw him and did not recognize him. he had a huuuuge gut. my friends trained...
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    Re: Favorite Matches

    ok, mr. jensen, i watched them all. i had watched many of them in the past, but re-watched them. you are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you for providing me with some entertainment.

    any other...
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    Favorite Wrestling Matches

    since the forum talk has slowed down, please help me out of this boredom. how about you guys share links to your favorite matches. i promise to watch
    all of them, unless they are posted by big....
  23. Re: Who would you nominate as the 'Outstanding Technician' of the Tournament?

    you are correct, my friend. but once that head gets in, and he gets the angle, it's buenas noches.
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    Re: Russian Wrestling Tactics (Technique)

    fair enough, mr gutfirst, let's settle for taking one bronze. instead, let's only make our boys run up and down the 'cog', as pre-beijing preparation. that seems to take less discipline and/or...
  25. Re: Who would you nominate as the 'Outstanding Technician' of the Tournament?

    wrong, my friend. you cant 'pop' your hips in, when your oppoent's hands are locked, he's out to the side, AND, most importantly, he has his head burried on your gut.

    it's the same reason why the...
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