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  1. JZ Calvan Talks Turning Down The UFC, Kawajiri And Aoki

    JZ Calvan Talks Turning Down The UFC, Kawajiri, Aoki & More | Steve Rattlesnake
  2. Hilarious Chael Sonnen Interview On MMA Live

    Hilarious Chael Sonnen Interview On MMA Live | Steve Rattlesnake
  3. Fedor: I Don?t Train Jiu Jitsu, Sambo Is Superior

    In a translation written by youtuber BuilDozerrrr in reference to Fedor Emelianenko?s interview after the stunning loss to top 10 ranked fighter and former ADCC champion Fabricio Werdum, Fedor speaks...
  4. War Of Words Between Strikeforce Women Challengers Erin Toughill And Shana Olsen

    As Strikeforce is pushing for Women MMA’s exposure, it seems like it’s hard to name a challenger for Cris Cyborg’s championship belt as it is the most recognizable belt in all of women MMA today. Now...
  5. Joe Rogan Talks With Mayhem Miller (Videos)

    They discussed the Strikeforce brawl, Nick Diaz, Chuck Norris and more
  6. Werdum On The UFC: ?They Kind Of Used Me And Threw Me Out?
  7. Satoshi Ishii To Train With Fedor In Russia
  8. Dana On Org That Has No Money For Medical Testing: "Go Open A Doughnut Shop"

    The death of Michael Kirkham on June 26, the second mixed martial arts death in a sanctioned event in U.S. history, has been a wake up call to the dangers of insufficient regulation, the...
  9. Overeem, Kharitonov And Bigfoot Shortlisted For Fedor

    Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker will begin discussions with co-promotional partner M-1 Global as early as this weekend for the third and final event on their existing contract. It will be the first time...
  10. Replies

    Wanderlei Silva: ?I Want To Be Shogun?

    Back to Pride?s golden days, Wanderlei Silva was the main star of the division, and Maur?cio Shogun, a young guy who was unknown for MMA fans outside Brazil, was still a diamond waiting to be...
  11. DREAM To Have A Bantamweight Division Next Year

    DREAM are finally going to split their 63kg weight class to two weight classes (61~62kg and 65kg) next year. But which of the two will the current fighters choose to fight at?

    Many are quite...
  12. Kimbo vs Pudzianowski Possible Main Event In Moosin

    After a successful U.S. debut earlier in the year, the Moosin promotion is scheduling an Oct. 9 follow-up, which will take place in Chicago, MMA Fighting has learned.

    Moosin executive Corey...
  13. Anderson Silva Calls Chael Sonnen A Gangster

    On a promotional video of UFC 117, Anderson Silva spoke back to Chael
    Sonnen?s statements, his next opponent for the middleweight belt.
    ?Chael, as a fighter, is a good
    politician?, said the...
  14. Poll Results: Yellow Cards In North America?

    Fans of Japanese MMA fans know exactly what?s coming after hearing these shouted commands: a yellow card. And just like soccer, the...
  15. Bloodstain Lane On M-1 Global ?Bankruptcy?, Dana Ripping On Fedor & Others
  16. N.Y. Assemblyman Bob Reilly Says MMA Is The Reason For Increasingly Violent Society
  17. M-1 Global's Evgeni Kogan On Fedor's Future (audio)

    M-1 Global's Evgeni Kogan On Fedor's Future And M-1 Global's Recent Issues
  18. Vadim Finklestein: ?I Think Fedor Can Still Reach A Deal With The UFC?

    [/URL]<mce:script src=""...
  19. Lesnar?s Win Opens Up A Whole New Heavyweight Debate

    Some have called it the best performance of Brock Lesnar?s career and that he?s undoubtedly the No. 1 heavyweight in the world after...
  20. Replies

    Fan Reacts On Sherdog's P4P List
  21. Coker Talks Fedor vs Werdum Rematch & Jake Shields
  22. Replies

    Fan Reacts To Fedor Loss
  23. Carwin Will Represent Team Fedor In His Fight With Lesnar
  24. Kendall Grove's Fight Demoted After Criticizing Spike TV

    A middleweight bout between Kendall Grove and Goran Reljic has been demoted to UFC...
  25. UFC Threatens TapOut With A Lifetime Ban If They Sponsor Fedor
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