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    Re: Conference Allocations

    For Iowa State:
    125: Finch is in for sure
    133: No realistic shot
    141: Goettl is in
    149: Cozart always has a puncher's chance at a pin, but very unlikely
    157: Moreno isn't likely, but only...
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    Re: Conference Allocations

    Why does nobody remember that West Virginia has a wrestling team?
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    Re: Goettl Wbd Maple

    Criteria for auto-qualifying is here:
  4. Re: 2012 Mid Season All American Predictions: 149 Posted

    If Goettl wins today I think he's worked his way into being R12 or better. He started 0-4 but is 9-3 since then with wins over multiple top 10 guys. But I'm sure the pe-NCAA AA predictions will...
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    Re: Goettl Wbd Maple

    I think the Goettl is a low AA, Sorenson is a possible finalist, and Beard is a R12 if he is healthy. But in general I can't disagree with that. I see 6-7 qualifiers (Finch, Goettl, Sorenson,...
  6. Thread: ISU vs Mizzou

    by thoguh

    Re: ISU vs Mizzou

    The real problem is that Iowa State's second best 184 pounder is Shafer, but with both Ward and Gadsen out he is the best option left at 197, so ISU ends up with two guys wrestling up a weight when...
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    Re: Marion arrested...again

    Marion is a dumbass but even as an Iowa State fan I don't see any reason for him to miss much time for this. He should get whatever the standard penalty is and then be back on the mat.
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    Re: New Iowa State coaches

    Not suprising at all. Nice to see him on the payroll.
  9. Re: Cael Sanderson Entered for Brockport Northeast Regionals

    Kinda makes sense, I doubt he's done much Freestyle training in the past few months, and it's not like there were any ranked guys in the bracket. Why not just roll through using his go-to move from...
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    Re: Top 2011 Recruiting Classes?

    It's about time, I guess we got a mulligan on the 2009 class that didn't exist.
  11. Re: 2011 NCAA Tournament Wrap Up: Team Scores/All Americans/Awards

  12. Re: I really enjoyed the David Taylor undefeated era...

    Yeah, I didn't see any issue with the ankle bracelets thing. It was obviously just a little celebration for the camera/fans and wasn't disrespectful to anybody. I laughed out loud when I saw him do...
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    Re: Your 2011/2012 Team's Line-Up

    It'll be much better than this year, that's for sure. Only real hole is at 133. They won't challenge for a title but I think they have a very legit chance at top 10.
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    Re: Your 2011/2012 Team's Line-Up

    Iowa State Cyclones:

    125: Ryak Finch
    133: Ben Cash
    141: ????? (Max Mayfield if he can make the cut)
    149: Trent Weathman
    157: Mike Moreno
    165: Andrew Sorenson/Chris Spangler
    174: Andrew...
  15. Re: NCAA D1 Champions Chart (1928-2011) and Team Champions

    The page layout could be a little less 1990 for the wrestlingtree page, but it is still really cool to see all that information, especially the lineage tree for coaches.
  16. Re: 2011 NCAA Tournament Session 2: Match Ups/Results/Discussion

    I was really worried about that one. With Sorenson/Spangler out injured, Iowa State needs every point it can get
  17. Re: 2011 NCAA Tournament Session 2: Match Ups/Results/Discussion

    You can have all 4 mats showing on ESPN3 at once if you click the botton on the lower righthand corner that looks kinda like a 2x2 matrix. Then when the match you are waiting for comes up, just go...
  18. Re: 2011 NCAA Tournament Session 1: Results/Discussion

    I hope so, he was my #6 seed for the office pool.
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    Re: NWCA's call to action

    Thanks for all the posts and info on this.
  20. Re: Will another wrestler EVER have been more vilified than...

    I seriously don't see where you are getting this from. Sure a lot of people want Robles to win, and sure a lot of people hate Iowa fans, but I honestly can't think of any reason anyone would actively...
  21. Re: Division II UNO wins it all yesterday....then Trev Alberts disbands the wrestling program!

    Holy crap is that ridiculous. Did he catch the wrestling coach in bed with his wife or something? That kind of action is petty and inexusable.

    On the upside, him being so blatant and horrible...
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    Re: NCAA Seeding Thoughts

    I was actually wondering about that earlier. Is the committee allowed to contact coaches to ask about the conditions of injured wrestlers? I hope so, because there are cases every year of guys...
  23. Re: Takedown Wrestling to Host Annual NCAA Championships Preview Show Division I Brackets to be Broken Down March 9

    I'll be listening for sure. I love how radio streams let me listen to stuff like this even though I don't live in the Des Moines area.
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    Re: List of qualified wrestlers by conference

    Spangler doesn't auto qualify at 165. When Sorenson bowed out due to injury the Big XII lost that autoqualifer (which confuses me, and sucks for Spangler since he would have been an auto-qualifer if...
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    Re: Iowa 29, Michigan State 10 + Zapp's Breakdown

    In regards to Gambrall at 184, it was embarrassing to be wearing black and gold during that. Regardless of what led up to it, he hit that doubleleg after the whistle and when both wrestlers were...
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