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  1. Thread: Joe Colon

    by emanblured

    Re: Joe Colon

    This kid is talented... But as talented as he is he is that poor at school. My friend who wrestled in the offseason with him who wasnt smart himself once told me that this kid just isnt smart. So as...
  2. Re: The Derek St. John Seeding Question (Long Read)

    I think he should be the 2 seed but he will probably get the 3 seed. Beating 3 top ten guys in one tournament should be good enough to keep him away from Dake. Also he hasnt lost to anyone out of the...
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    Re: Speaking of REALLY bad announcing!!!

    I am so glad i went to this dual instead of having to watch it on tv... I wish BTN would have talked to me i would have done 100Xs better. I am ashamed to be from UNL with this video...
  4. Re: D1 committs from Iowa senior wrestling class

    It might be hard to argue the amount of D1 commits but I think the class of 08 had more quality guys who made an impact. As to this class I only see a few really making a difference on the D1 level.
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    Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    I went to the penn st thread and all that was on there was sandusky and joe pa crap... Fix that and i might start using it when i want to post penn st stuff :)
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    Nebraska vs. Penn St.

    A few interesting matchups here at 157, 165, 184, and Hwt. Seems that penn st has all the higher ranked wrestlers. As do most teams wrestling penn st nebraska matches up poorly...
  7. Re: Burroughs will be our only Freestyle Olympic Gold

    As to training for burroughs will be easier now that they have seen him doesnt make sense to me... They know what he can do now but how do you train against something that only he can do in the world...
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    Nebraska vs. Iowa

    I dont think the huskers can win but will be a lot closer than my original thoughts a few weeks ago...
    My prediction with a few bold picks
    McD pin Nagel 6-0 (no doubt)
    Ramos dec Kiley 9-0 (kiley...
  9. Re: Relationship between High School Wrestler's Senior Ranking and NCAA Tournament Place

    I would say it is the wrestler who determines most how good they will become. It comes down to how much they want to improve once being in college.
  10. Re: Iowa returning to National Duals, PSU not attending

    Is there any method to how the teams are matched up cause it does not seem to be regional?
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    Re: Tyler Caldwell transfers to Nebraska

    Johnson was a senior he was honored on senior day. Also I bet Caldwell will wrestle at 174 and Kokesh will stay at 165 just makes more sense for the best lineup.
  12. Re: Hodge

    Burroughs had more bonus point wins than Oliver had total wins. According to NWCA at least.
  13. Re: Hodge

    I think it should be Burroughs. Cause he would go for pins he just did it a different way. He used deep doubles straight to the back to try to get pins and backers. He never was satisfied with...
  14. NCAA Wrestling Team Pickems 2011Who will win the...

    NCAA Wrestling Team Pickems 2011Who will win the 2011 NCAA Team Title?
    Penn State Who Will Have The Most All Americans?
    Cornell Who Will Win The NCAA Title At 125 Pounds?
    2. Matt McDonough-Iowa...
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