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    Re: Future NCAA's

    St. Louis every year would just be perfect! that venue was fantastic and yes with all the hotels, bars and other entertainment in walking distance, it's just perfect!
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    Re: Ankle Picks

    The best was to set up those ankle picks is to be heavy on the head and make your opponent circle. If you get them to step in to you all you have to do is a hard club to the head, while blocking the...
  3. Re: Vote for Bethell University to add wrestling

    Getting a team at Bethel would be a great thing for TN wrestling, hopefully they will get it and take away a few scholarships from the fishing team
  4. Re: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    1. Keep practicing hard because it pays off over time, you work your ass off you'll start to notice the rapid improvement in practice, be sure to find the best guys in the room to practice with,...
  5. Thread: Tilts ?

    by cbwrestler10

    Re: Tilts ?

    the key to tilts is keeping your hips in tight and your lock tight, you need that wrist as tight as possible, while keeping him in your hips with his legs elevated. if you can hit a good tilt you'll...
  6. Re: Who is the best team/wrestler in your state?

    Turbo Smith the best in TN?? thats ridiculous. How about TJ Duncan 4X State Champ looking for his 5th, Stuart Doster 3X state champ, Zach Watson 3X state champ ranked 11th in the nation, Micheal...
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    Re: how to increase shot speed

    most people so far have given the perfect response: WORK ON YOUR SET-UPS! Having a "faster" shot isn't necessarily about the speed of the actual movement, but what you do before you move. Practicing...
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