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  1. Conditioning & Strength Training In-Season Questions

    At my high school we have A and B days. On B days I have weight lifting in the morning (but we must do the teacher's workout). The days alternate everyday, so if it was ABABA one week the next week...
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    Re: How do you get the half REAL TIGHT?

    ^ thank you! i needed to see that video :)
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    Re: Help with stand ups?

    drill them by yourself over and over and over and over and over....

    i drilled them at home during my personal after practice at home wrestling practice i do....and i drilled them for one week and...
  4. Re: [Critique] Lindbergh Junior Varsity Tournament - 125lb Weight Class

    bump its been a while....88 views no one helps :(....
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    Re: the image of wrestling

    most males say it is gay, some say it is too much work and a few say both.....this makes me angry. we have like 12 people on the team now and 6 are leaving next year (seniors, moving, etc.) so we'll...
  6. Re: [Critique] Lindbergh Junior Varsity Tournament - 125lb Weight Class

    bump help please thanks
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    Re: How To Gator Roll? And When to use it?

    I learned this move from sprawling after they've taken a shot so, when you've sprawled and have gotten into the front head lock (head and arm), this is when you determine if you shall use it or not:...
  8. [Critique] Lindbergh Junior Varsity Tournament - 125lb Weight Class

    I'm a junior in high school and this is my first year wrestling. I have a varsity record of 4-16 (counting 4 bye's :p) and a junior varsity record of 1-4. I'm in the 125lb weight class for my...
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    Re: Is this a full nelson or a legal move?

    if you watch closely you see that he just has a half nelson and is keeping wrist control while putting in the half
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    Re: Wrestling Practice Outline

    yeah because I have lost every single match this season, but i do really well during live in the wrestling room i win most of the time (i think it's because i wrestle the same people all the time)...
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    Re: Pre-match ritual?

    my coach just tells me to jump around a few matches before mine
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    Re: Wrestling Practice Outline

    FIRST OFF....MY OUTLINE WON! So we now follow my practice outlined (with the help of you too) and everyone loves it because we were SO TIRED at the end. Which we usually aren't as tired as we were...
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    Wrestling Practice Outline

    My coach asked all the wrestling to come up with a practice outline that we think we should follow. any constructive critisism would be AWESOME!

    We end school/end last class at 2:55pm and we end...
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    Sprints vs Long Distance/Jogging

    My coach and my coach's brother (who is wrestler in college) and I were talking about this. I think sprints for 2-3 minutes with a quick break then repeating for 6-8 times is best for conditioning....
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    Re: Wrestling Music
  16. Thread: pain...

    by KStreetz

    Re: pain...

    go to a friend was out his freshman and sophmore year b/c of a bad knee injury but now he's back and wrestling like new :) he still remembers a few moves and picks up fast b/c of his past...
  17. Back again with lots of questions....any help appreciated


    Okay so I am new to wrestling as some of you may know from my previous posts and I am currently a junior in high school and I am in the 125lb weight class. I missed out on 2 years of...
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    Re: How do I get faster on my feet?

    I'm doing the jump-rope but what are shadow w/ motion, and ladder drills?

    And I am always constantly working on how fast I change my level and the quality of my shoot as well as speed.

    But I'm...
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    How do I get faster on my feet?

    I do sprints and that is about it?

    What else should I be doing?

    Can someone list something really quick, if possible, because i'm about to go train in the gym...but if not then anyone that...
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    Re: Fastest Way To Recover After A Tournament

    I just had that same problem for my first varsity tournament this past Saturday and what I did was bend it slowly and often as I rested and slept in bed all day. I drank a lot of water and ate well...
  21. Re: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    Yeah I noticed that the body building doesn't build my strength as fast as a strength training. So I'm going to go with strength training and endurance training in-season and 2 months before-season...
  22. Re: How many of you have been keeping up with the technique videos?

    I like them :) thanks bro now I can learn a see how my basics are properly done/or variations of how they are done seeing as you have some of them done slightly different and I can build off my...
  23. Re: New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    Yeah I went VERY hard in practice today and I plan on doing that everyday. I lapped everyone in sprints 2x and I have just been very agressive with my wrestling partners. I choose people who have 1+...
  24. New to Wrestling and I have a few questions?

    1. I practice so hard during practice but that same performance doesn't come out on the actual mat during a match, and my record is 2-7. Why is that?

    2. I started my junior year. Is it too late...
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