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  1. Re: 2011 Midlands Tournament: Predictions/Results/Discussion

    What happened to Spangler fro Ia.St?
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    Re: Marion arrested...again

    Oversight? The kid got a speeding ticket, skipped his court date and did not pay his fine, so his license was suspended. Now, he got pulled over again. I don't know how things work in Iowa, but I...
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    Re: Intermat Rankings

    Wow, no love for Cornell. I thought they'd be ranked higher.
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    Re: Byers is enrolled at OKIE State

    So what's their line-up for next year look like now?
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    Re: Incoming Gopher Class of 2029

    Congratulations! What's his projected college weight class?
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    Re: Top 2011 Recruiting Classes?

    If Lehman didn't have the grades to get into Minnesota last year, how could he get into Ohio State? Does Ohio State have lower requirements than Minnesota, or do things change because he's been out...
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    Re: Top 2011 Recruiting Classes?

    What's Ohio State's recruiting look like?
  8. Re: 2011 NCAA Tournament Session 4: Match Ups/Discussion

    Anyone hear if Ruth and Wade can continue wrestling next round?
  9. Re: Wanna see how badly Waters got jobbed?

    That's terrible. I hope that ref isn't at nationals.
  10. Re: I really enjoyed the "Cael Sanderson will never win as a coach" Era

    I'd say PSU won Big Ten's based off Cael's recruiting ability, not his coaching. He was clearly out-coached by Brands.
  11. Re: High School Wrestler In Chicago Loses Leg From Match

    What move did the other kid do that would cause so much damage?
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    Re: Cayle Byers transfers to Iowa

    So how does the transfer work? Does he have to pay his own way or will he be on scholarship? Will Iowa have to pull somebody else's scholarship to make room for him, or is there some kind of...
  13. Re: Iowa picks up 197 lb transfer for next season

    Is he eligible to start wrestling right away next year or does he have to sit out part of the year because of the transfer?
  14. Thread: PSU/Wiscy

    by slipperyPete

    Re: PSU/Wiscy

    Wasn't Vollrath a resdhirt this year? Did they just pull him out?
  15. Re: #2 Iowa v. #4 Minnesota Predictions/Discussion/Results

    D.Thorn's young and can be a little too aggressive at times and that can cost him points. He should have kept the match against Long to a decision, but didn't wrestle very smart and gave up the...
  16. Re: Individual matches between ranked wrestlers: Feb 7th-13th

    Friday the 11th, Michigan vs. Minnesota

    141- Russell vs. M.Thorn (tough weekend for Thorn)
    197- Biondo vs. S.Yohn (if Yohn's back)
    285- Apland vs. Nelson
  17. Re: Minnesota v. Ohio State Results/Discussion

    It was on the 'live streaming' schedule. I saw it there yesterday morning as well, but then it disappeared before the match. Very disappointing.
  18. Re: Minnesota v. Ohio State Results/Discussion

  19. Re: Minnesota v. Ohio State Results/Discussion

    Thanks for the updates!
  20. Re: #2 Iowa v. #4 Minnesota Predictions/Discussion

    I agree that Marion could beat Thorn at Big Tens and Nationals. This will be Thorn's last match in MN as a Gopher. He'll be really jacked up and so will the crowd, and I think he gets the victory.
  21. Re: #2 Iowa v. #4 Minnesota Predictions/Discussion

    I knew there had to be a rational reason!
  22. Re: #2 Iowa v. #4 Minnesota Predictions/Discussion

    Where's all the love for M. Thorn? He's having the best year of his career and is 30-1 on the season with his only loss to #1 ranked Russell. He also beat Marion twice last year (and lost to him...
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    Re: Question for Penn St fans

    While Penn State has a great team, I don't understand how anyone could rationally proclaim them champs yet. They have several holes in their lineup (165, 184 (for now?) and 197). But the biggest...
  24. Re: #1 Penn State v. #6 Iowa Predictions/Discussion

    Does anyone if there is a live video or blog of this match?
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    Jake Deitchler Interview
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