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  1. best response to a leg shot..pull up or push down?

    when an opponent shoots in on a leg whats the best way to counter after a sprawl, is it to push the head down and try to crossface then go behind for a point OR try to get a whizzer in then pull the...
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    best position in a collar tie up???

    when collar tied up with your opponent is it better to have space between yourselves or move in and plant your head on the shoulder? been watching videos today and some people are saying to get...
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    left handed/right handed stance

    my sons recently got into wrestling so im trying to learn some basics to pass on.

    is a wrestlers attack/staggered stance dependant on what handed he is, like boxing..right handed=left side...
  4. training approach for 9/10 yr olds.

    how do you coach the kids in the u.s.a.??
    i watch my son train at his club and theyll teach the kids how to put on cradles,far arms,leg laces etc with an obvious view to winning matches by points...
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