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    Re: New Greco/Freestyle rules proposals.

    If the wrestler gets hit with a passivity call, are they going to have a visible 30 second shot clock for everone to see?
    Will track wrestling be able to show a 30 second shot clock on there screen...
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    Re: Video Review

    There needs to be more than one camera angle!
  3. Re: Glad to have TWT back up and running. . .

    My employer would agreed 100% with you Snakem!
  4. Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    I am actually from Missouri. I wrestled for Moberly Senior High School, I had to relocate to Indiana because of my Ball and Chain, ahh I mean my lovely wife!!
  5. Re: Greatest wrestler of all time from your state?

    Sam Henson for us in the "Show Me State".
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    Re: So...Penn State...

    Or the Browns for that matter!!
  7. Re: Iowa returning to National Duals, PSU not attending

    -Midwest (host TBD), Iowa, Iowa State, Oregon State, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa.
    -Cornell(confirmed), Central Michigan, Oklahoma, Purdue, Illinois, and American.
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    Re: article

    Will Nikko Triggas be in the lineup for the Buckeyes, or will he be trying out for an Olympic spot for Greco Roman?
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    Re: Jared Frayer Resigns

    Would Sam Henson be a good fit for Wisconsin?
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    Re: Bubba J on Cael

    I think Bubba needs to get a life. As a college wrestler his career is done and over with. There should be a new chapter in his life that he should be writing. For the most part I thought he had big...
  11. Re: #2 Iowa v. #4 Minnesota Predictions/Discussion

    Will this be the test to see if little Ballweg can handle the reins at 149? Watching him wrestling against Molinaro there was a big size advantage for Molinaro, will this be the same Zilverburg?...
  12. Re: It's only a matter of time- psu wrestling shirt

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    Re: The NEW Big 10 logo..SERIOUSLY?

    I hope that they did not pay some company to come up with that logo!
    With the brain power of 12 schools, I would think that each schools graphics art departments could come up with some thing...
  14. Panthers looking at wrestling in Big 12

    Northern Iowa is looking into the possibility of joining the Big 12 Conference as an affiliate member in wrestling.
    "I have written and sent a letter...
  15. Re: Northwestern v. Stanford Discussion: Live broadcast starts 6 Eastern

    My internet has been down all day. So I was hoping that someone can do the play by play. So I can follow it on my blackberry.
  16. Re: 2010/2011 Big Ten Network Wrestling Broadcast Schedule

    When looking over the schedule I did not see the Midlands. Did the BigTen Network not show this because it is not a dual meet?
  17. Re: Zadick named interim Assistant coach, Backes Volunteer

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  18. Re: Big 12 meetings: No assurances from Missouri that it will stay

    Mizzou brass “cautiously optimistic”

    by Bill Pollock on <ABBR class=published title=2010-06-14>June 14, 2010</ABBR>
    in Sports

    University of Missouri’s Director of Athletics Mike Alden joined...
  19. Re: Big 12 meetings: No assurances from Missouri that it will stay

    With Nebraska possible and Missouri hot on the heels of the Big 10. Does this change how many kids get in the NCAA's Tourney in 2012 or whenever the school changes conferences? Big 10 is allotted...
  20. Re: Big 12 meetings: No assurances from Missouri that it will stay

    My question is this. Once a school makes up their mind on what they want to do. How long will it take for them to merge into that conference?
    Fall schedules are already out and they are planning...
  21. Re: Big 12 meetings: No assurances from Missouri that it will stay

    With the Pac-10 trying to steel some schools along with the Big-10, it seems to me that Iowa State may need to jump ship as well.
  22. Big 12 meetings: No assurances from Missouri that it will stay

    Kansas City, Mo. — The head of the University of Missouri is giving no assurances that the Tigers intend to remain in the Big 12.

    Chancellor Brady Deaton said Missouri remained a proud member of...
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