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  1. Re: Looking for a great wrestling highlight video.
  2. Re: 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships: Greco Roman 55/66/96 KG Discussion

    ruiz lost bronze match
  3. Re: Highlights from the 2010 Living The Dream Medal Fund Telethon

    i think there talking about king mo at 3:42
  4. Re: 2010 Wrestling World Championships. Moscow Worlds Freestyle & Greco-Roman Results, Brackets, Videos, & Discussion

    when does it begin
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    Nike Freeks

    does anyone have them on here, if not the flickr community is really pushing nike to bring back freeks, kolats , and to bring inflicts to nike id please elp us out on

  6. Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    im late on it
  7. Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    Look at their match before <embed src="" wmode="transparent" width="480" height="320" bgcolor="#" allowscriptaccess="always"...
  8. Re: D1CW Releases Top 100 High School Seniors

    James Green going 157?
  9. Ellis Coleman gets bronze at Junior Worlds

    Great job by Ellis
  10. Re: Osamu Watanabe, 186-0, never taken down, never scored on also?

    Found this on a more reliable source
  11. Re: 2010 Golden Grand Prix Final - Baku

    why isnt Zadick wrestling
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    Re: Wild Predictions thread.

    Palomar will win DII Title
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