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  1. Re: Conditioning & Strength Training In-Season Questions

    I prefer HIIT training over traditional conditioning. It simulates a wrestling match more closely than long-distance running because you have sprints and short rest periods. When I do it, I do...
  2. Re: Supplements for gaining weight during the season

    What benefits does whole milk over actual supplements? Isn't it just skim milk (which I already drink) but with more fat and calories?
  3. Supplements for gaining weight during the season

    I'll probably have to gain weight and move up a weight class, and I'm lifting often, but I fear that I'll have trouble putting on muscle. In addition to my workouts and diet, what supplements should...
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    Re: Leg ride defense

    So what you're saying is to just anticipate when they are throwing in the legs and prevent them from getting them in at all?
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    Minimum weight/body fat calculations

    Here is what my state's website says on minimum weight:

    "The lowest weight class at which a wrestler may compete will be determined by predicted body weight at 7% body fat (males) and 12 % body...
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    Leg ride defense

    What are some of the best ways to defend against legs?
  7. Are underhooks still effective against taller opponents?

    I'm 5' 5.5" and I'll be at 120 next year. Underhooks are becoming one of my main setupsbut I'm afraid it won't be as effective against taller wrestlers. Also, what other moves are good for shorter...
  8. High crotch or single leg: which one is more effective?

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    How do I do a chicken wing/arm bar?

    I usually get the arm bar in just fine but for some reason I can't get enough power to turn the other guy. Do I put my arm above or below his elbow, and where do I apply pressure?
  10. What is a good at-home neck workout without any equipment?

    Soon, I will start doing a neck workout at home. The only problem is that I have no equipment and I do not know any exercises except bridges. The only problem with that is that I am afraid I might...
  11. Thread: High crotch?

    by Jeff140

    High crotch?

    When I was watching my teammates and other schools do it, some people take a step forward for their shot with their lead foot coming off the ground (I do this) and some other people just shoot. So...
  12. What are some of the most painful moves you know?

    What are some of the most painful moves you know?
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    How to shoot on a double leg?

    So for a double leg when I shoot am I supposed to take a step forward with my lead leg and then drop into my shot, or should I not take that step and just drop down on my knee? Because I see people...
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