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  1. Re: Who are the 3 best wrestlers in the world in freestyle and greco?

    Gadisov... Mayby he is too young for "european/world senior" but for 2-3yeras he will be best in 84kg !
  2. Re: 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships Official Predictions: Freestyle, Greco, & Women

    Videos and reports form world championship by TV Russia - CHECK IT ! ;)
  3. Freestyle World Wrestling Championships 1989 - Suisse - All category finals !

    Check it on my channel
    For 1-2days I upload rest of matches :) Be patient ! :)
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    Re: Good Matches

    Gaidarov vs. Tigiev

    ???What can I say..? very boring match... 2clamps slited by Tigiev and he was in olympics final... :)
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