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  1. Re: Askren defeats Herbert in Super Match @ Midlands

    The thing I don't understand about the original post is does this guy forget who Askren is? Just go back and watch some matches from when he was in college.
  2. Re: Russell dec A. Alton 4-3 Semi-final Southern Scuffle

    Not only is Alton as good a wrestler as anyone in the country, kid just keeps getting better. I won't say he is going to win it all, but barring injury, he will be improved come NCAAs.
  3. Re: Ed Ruth dec Mack Lewnes 11-5 (Video Inside)

    Wow...I thought Lewnes had a legit shot at the Hodge this year. Then again...even though high school and college are different animals, lets not forget the carnage Ruth used to havoc during his high...
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    Re: Hodge Predictions

    yes, mark perry was awesome:)
  5. Re: Better Neutral Wrestler: Andrew Howe or Jordan Burroughs

    i agree nobody is perfect:) myself included...
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